I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you that the POPSUGAR Must Have box is my favorite box. This is a box that’s totally curated by POPSUGAR so they don’t send things based on preferences but whoever picks out the products there knows what they are doing. It’s about $40 a month but almost all products are full sized– and awesome.

popsugar box

Each month there is a theme and this month’s theme, predictably, is about Fall. Fall is hands down the best season: pumpkin spice lattes appear (though I will always prefer the Salted Caramel Mocha), temperatures cool down…. and it’s scarf weather.

Included in this month’s box is this beautiful Tilo grey and burgundy ombré scarf. The card values it at $125!


Lauren: This was the item I was most excited about because grey is one of my favorite colors. Matt always laughs at me when I come home with yet another grey t-shirt BUT I LOVE THEM. This scarf is just SO BEAUTIFUL. And SOFT. I can’t wait to wear it everywhere. (With my grey t-shirts, obviously.) It’s also REALLY big so maybe the more creative types can turn it into a nice wrap or even a dress. I am not that creative. (Hence all those grey t-shirts.)


Jill: LOVE LOVE LOVE this scarf! It is super soft and the colors are lovely. It’s 100% modal, which leaves me confused about why this one is in the Must Have box and the 100% rayon Marchesa was in the $100 Special Edition box. I think PopSugar got it backwards this time, but that means everyone really lucked out with this beauty in their monthly box!

The next item included is a set of Nicole Miller Stereo Earbuds, valued at $20.


Lauren: The earbuds included in my box are royal blue though I’ve heard there are other colors floating around. I’m really excited about these, as I just ordered my iPhone 6 and I sort of hate the re-designed earbuds Apple created. The Nicole Miller earbuds are exactly the kinds of headphones I love so I’m sure these will be going into my purse with the quickness.

Jill: As luck would have it, I’ve needed a new set of earbuds after leaving mine at the gym last month year. Maybe now that I can listen to my smooth, smooth jams I’ll actually work out again. These are particularly awesome because 1. They’re royal blue, and 2. They actually stay in my ears. They also have some sort of interlocking feature, which I assume is for connecting another set of earbuds and sharing your tunes. Neat.

Another great item they included is the Oribe Superfine Purse Size Hair Spray, valued at $21.50.


Lauren: My hairstylist friends and tons of beauty bloggers swear by Oribe hair products. They seem to be some of the best of the best, but I’ve always been a bit too cheap to bite the bullet and invest so I’m super fired up to try this. I’m hoping this hairspray holds up to this current Texas humidity. I’m bringing it to my bachelorette slumber party so I’ll see how this holds up after a night of dancing, drinking. Expect an update later.

Jill: It has taken me longer than most girls, but I’ve finally perfected beach waves. The only way I can make them last longer than 10 minutes is with a decent hairspray. I’ve been having a little love affair with this Oribe spray because it is one of the very few legitimate sprays that will hold without being sticky, crunchy, or heavy. And because it’s so awesome, it’s expensive. This is a small bottle, but I’ll take it! Besides, it’s perfect to take with me on a night out and touch up my waves.

POPSUGAR also included some beautiful note cards from Rifle Paper Co. valued at $18.



Lauren: I LOVE notecards. I hoard them. I don’t write nearly as many letters as I should but receiving these is going to inspire me to send a note to some out of state friends.

Jill: I never buy stationery. So when I actually have a use for a card, I never have one. I’m glad this pack will be on deck for when the need arises, and it doesn’t hurt that the illustrations are cute. I’m a designer, so I tend to be a little bit of a paper snob. The stock these cards are printed on is gorgeous. It’s smooth and heavy and a rich cream color. Love it.

People often associate Fall scents with those iconic Pumpkin Spice Lattes but nothing ushers in the season like the smell of freshly sharpened #2 pencils. Do kids even use pencils these days? Or does every kid have an iPad? That’s a little sad to think about. PPOSUGAR included these cute Letter C Design pencils, (valued at $5) perhaps as a nod to back to school nostalgia.


Lauren: I love these pencils but I don’t typically use pencils. But what I love about these pencils is the little gold arrows. They look like the tattoo my friend Ashley got on her ribs so I’ll probably include these babies in her Christmas present. They were also nice enough to include a little sharpener.

Jill: This is one item that I have no use for. I get that they go with the stationery, and the gold arrow is cute and all, but they’re pencils. And I’m 31 years old. I don’t even use pencils on crossword puzzles.

They usually always include a food item or two. This month they included an Urban Remedy Almond Brownie ($6) and a bag of Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate Sea Salt and Almond Minis.



Lauren: the brownie scared me a little bit because it is flat. Almost like a pancake. The card says Cindy Crawford is a brand ambassador. Maybe she knows something I don’t know about flat brownies. Maybe that’s the secret to being skinny. Flat brownies. I love Ghirardelli chocolates and if the aforementioned Salted Caramel Mocha tells you anything, I’m definitely a fan of the chocolate/sea salt combo. I love these.

Jill: THAT BROWNIE. It is just bougie enough to be totally up my alley. Almond flour, cacao, coconut sugar… And as an added bonus, it tastes healthy. I can fool myself into thinking it’s a health food! Boom. The Ghirardelli chocolate is meh. They’re not my cup of tea, but then again the last bar of chocolate I bought came with tasting notes. I just don’t throw my calories away unless it’s worth it. I’m sure my fiancé would be more than happy to polish off the bag on my behalf.

There are always special extras in the box. Usually, a gift card. This month there were two: a $10 off card to UrbanRemedy.com, which is a site that has healthy food like Cold pressed juice, ready to eat salads/meals, and raw snacks.


There is also a $20 gift card to Nike. It was included in a fancy envelope meant to advertise their new sports bras. The card includes a measuring tape and invites you to log onto the website to find your perfect size with their Nike Pro 360• Fit System.

Lauren: this Nike invitation is way fancier than my own wedding invitations. By a lot. There is even now and the little square of tissue paper. I’m pretty good on sports bras but I’ll likely log on and see what other Nike products I’m going to need to continue #sweatingforthewedding. Yeah, I said it.

Jill:  I wish I knew Nike included a little fabric tape measure before I bought one yesterday! Like Lauren, I’m trying to fit into a wedding dress. I made the extremely motivating decision to order mine a size too small (I can hear you gasping), hence the fabric tape measure. And like Lauren, I’m 500% sure that $20 Nike gift card will be put to good use. I love gift cards!


Lauren: I’m going to go ahead and rate this box an A. I don’t always rate boxes so generously but I’m in love with all of these products. It must be the season because fall products tend to be for me.  I even love the pencils that I’ll be gifting but I think my pal will love them more. I’m still slightly afraid of that flat brownie but the Ghirardelli chocolates make up for it. I’m totally going to go write someone a letter now on my new cards. Maybe I will write one to Jill.

Jill: I am also going to rate this box an A. I love nearly everything in it, and it had a great variety of items. The scarf alone was worth the $39 price of the box. This is one box Lauren and I agree about!


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