Hamptons Lane is one of the boxes that I’ve had my eye on for a little while now, and is soon to become one of my favorites. They are a monthly subscription box that caters to the foodies among us – each box contains both food-centered (edible, cooking, serving, entertaining, etc.) products that follow a different theme each month. The cool thing about Hamptons Lane is that you can actually view the box before buying it, so there are no surprises and you can skip any box you aren’t interested in. Win win.

I think an adequate way to think of HL is a box full of someone’s favorite things from Sur La Table (if you are unfamiliar with the greatness of Sur La Table, click here. Be warned that this is a deep rabbit hole from which there may be no return). No joke, I have seen everything at Sur La Table that has appeared in a box. That may turn some people off, but I think that is awesome. My fiance and I actually hit up Sur La Table whenever we happen to be nearby one, and it’s one of the first places I go when I need to buy a gift for someone. So the fact that whoever designs these boxes has the same taste and interests as me is a huge plus. I have yet to see any throwaway items included yet, and products that I’m not super interested in can always be gifted quite easily.

The September 2014 box is The Tailgate Box. Its focus is grilling and keeping it casual. This is the box that made me sign up, and I am really looking forward to future boxes.


The box contained 6 items and cost $47. To me it’s a very good value, considering the retail for these items at Sur La Table is over $135, and things rarely go on sale there. Plus everything in the box is awesome!

charcoal-companion-stuff-a-burger-pressStuff-A-Burger Press by Charcoal Companion – $12.00 I have actually used this before – I bought the same exact one for Brian as a stocking stuffer last Christmas! It’s basically a little gadget that creates stuffed burgers. You stuff the contraption with ground meat, and add whatever you want to stuff the burger with. The tool makes a little well in the base of the patty where the stuffing goes, and then seals the burger so it’s stuffed. If you’ve ever had a burger stuffed with cheese, you know what a game changer this is. I’m going to make some avocado and feta stuffed turkey burgers soon, and Brian really wants to make some jalapeno and cheddar stuffed burgers too. We have big plans for our little burger stuffer!



Fold n’ Play Speakers by OrigAudio – $17.00 These are actually some really decent portable speakers for the price. They plug into your phone and fold up to make them ultra-easy to fit in your purse or glove box. They’re essentially the perfect speakers to bring to a tailgate!


charles-viancin-extra-large-lily-pad-lidExtra Large Lily Pad Lid by Charles Viancin – $16.00 This is the one item I didn’t immediately know what to do with, but I can totally see me using regularly. Whenever I make food for a party, I ultimately make way too much of it to fit into a single tupperware container and end up bringing the whole batch of whatever it is in a big serving bowl, which sloshes around and spills in my car. This happens to me at least once every few months. I am ridiculous. So this thing seals to bowl and anything with a wide opening. THIS SOLVES ALL OF MY FOOD TRANSPORTATION PROBLEMS. This is one of those products that is so simple but so useful and whoever invented it deserves a cookie. I am going to use the crap out of this.



not-ketchup-cherry-chipotle-dipping-sauce oakridge-bbq-santa-maria-seasoning we-rub-you-spicy-korean-bbq-marinade

The remaining items are all full-sized gourmet sauces and a rub.

Cherry Chipotle Dipping Sauce by Not Ketchup – $11.00 I feel like there’s not much else to say other than YUM. Cherry chipotle? I think that is the sole remaining spicy/sweet combination I have yet to try, and it sounds delicious!

Santa Maria Seasoning by Oakridge BBQ – $7.00 BBQ is serious business. When a rub is named Best Steak Rub in the Country three years in a row, it probably means you should try it. We smoke a lot of meat, and we have a range of rubs that we use for various cuts of meat, but this one is going to become a staple for us.

Spicy Korean BBQ Marinade by We Rub You – $8.00 Korean BBQ is one of my favorite foods. Since it is not one of Brian’s favorite foods, and we generally have to agree on what we’re eating in order for us both to be happy, we hardly ever eat it. If we have a Korean BBQ marinade, it’s like the best of both words – we make it at home, and I can tell Brian it’s just some new marinade. Secretly I can evilly cackle and enjoy my Korean BBQ.

I rate this box an A because it contains all things that I love. Definitely looking forward to see what next month has to offer! Click here to check out Hamptons Lane, you won’t be sorry!




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