I’m not sure if you guys knew this about me, but I like subscription boxes. A lot. When I’m lying in bed unable to sleep, I don’t catch up on world news or social media. I look for new subscription boxes. Dozens are popping up every month and it’s now possible to get a surprise package full of anything you’re into, regardless of what it is. Another thing I like is making lists. Shopping, to-do, Xmas, you name it. I can list it all. So here is a combination of two things I love: lists and subscription boxes. I present to you, subscription boxes that I want, in list form:

1. Carnivore Club – $50/month (use coupon code CC10 to save $10 off your box!) Cured meats. A box of cured meats. I feel like I could just end it there and you’d totally understand why I want it, but it gets better. Each month you get 4-6 decently sized packages of fancy charcuterie from all around the world. What’s more, they work with artisans who take pride in the quality of their meats and they make sure that they are responsibly sourced. It’s stated on the Carnivore Club website that they practice “ethical treatment of animals and employ humane slaughtering practices, use locally sourced ingredients and have a passion for making exceptional products.” That translates into high quality deliciousness. Check them out here.

2. Escape Monthly – $49.95/month (use discount code LONDON for 20% off for life!) I have a serious case of wanderlust. I have been all over the world, and I get really anxious if I don’t travel somewhere new and different every so often. I just have this deep-rooted need to discover new places and immerse myself in different cultures. I now own a shop, and since my life revolves around it, I am unable to travel as much as I’d like to. When I read about Escape Monthly, it felt like the box was designed specifically for me. Each month they pick a location somewhere in the world and curate the box based on the culture there. From trinkets and travel books to snacks and condiments specific to that region, this box satisfies a certain itch that many of us have. The next box is London, and I am so excited to see what’s inside! This is one box that I’m very likely going to cave and subscribe to. Check them out here.

3. Taste Trunk – $35/month (they are currently running a promotion if you join their mailing list you’ll receive a coupon code for 25% off each box for life or $20 off in their shop!) This is one awesome box that I’ve had my eye on for a little while. They offer 4 different types of boxes, and you can switch between them any time you want. No matter which you choose, it will contain premium artisan products from handpicked, small-batch brands, wrapped up in a vintage trunk (how cool is that). Each trunk comes with 5-8 premium items, each with a retail price between $5 and $20. Choose between Gourmet, BBQ, Sweet, or Healthy – each is different, but equally awesome. The Gourmet box (my personal favorite) is their signature box, containing gourmet oils, seasonings, sauces, and spreads. The BBQ box also sounds really cool, comprised of high-quality BBQ products like sauces, rubs, oils, and planks. It’s cool that you can switch between any of the boxes month to month, because Brian would absolutely love the BBQ box. The Sweet box is exactly how it sounds – high end dessert products including chocolates, cakes, dessert sauces, and candy. I have a pretty crazy sweet tooth, so I try to avoid putting myself in situations where a trunk arrives at my doorstep full of sugary products. As such, I would probably try to resist the urge to switch to this box for a month, but who knows what the future holds. You can also buy boxes individually instead of subscribing (same price), which is a great option because these would be awesome gifts around Christmas time. The benefit of subscribing is that shipping is included in the box price when you subscribe. Check them out here.

Update – I just convinced myself to sign up for the Gourmet Taste Trunk box after writing about how much I want it. They should hire me to promote them, evidently I am so good I sold it to myself.

4. Her Fashion Box – $39.95/month  I am going to try really hard not to convince myself to sign up for any more subscription boxes today. No promises, because Her Fashion Box is actually really awesome. Again, you can choose between several boxes: Classic, Feminine, and Trendy. You pick the style that suits you best, and each month you’ll receive 2-3 really cute accessories, 4 regular size or deluxe samples of beauty and lifestyle products, and a Her Fashion magazine (which is actually pretty good, I flipped through one when I first discovered this box). Every month is a different mix of products like stationery, candles, hair/make-up products and tools, etc. They also now offer a mini version of each box for $24.95, but you can upgrade to the full box at any time. I’m not totally sure how many items come in the “boxette”, but it’s safe to assume a couple fewer than the full box. Check them out here.

5. Sunset 45 Little Luxuries Box – $20-$30/month This box is similar to Her Fashion box, but focused more on jewelry. As is becoming the norm, you’ve got options with this box. You can go for the full size Lavish box ($30), the full size Classic box ($20), or the smaller Editor’s Pick box ($20), which has one piece of jewelry from each of the full size boxes as well as some smaller beauty product(s). The Lavish boxes generally are more on-trend fashion accessories that are a little edgier and creative, while the Classic box contains more every day pieces that you would want to wear to work and seem to be a little more neutral, but they are still pretty nice. I haven’t been able to pin down an exact number of items you’ll receive in each box, but based on the reviews of previous boxes that I’ve read, it seems to be a pretty good deal (most boxes total to $100 for everything in them). Check them out here. (Editor’s note: As Lauren was reviewing this post prior to posting, this blurb convinced her to subscribe to it. We are awesome sales people with low impulse control. Lauren will be reviewing her Sunset 45 box when it comes.) 

A self-proclaimed beauty junkie/hoarder with a serious Sephora problem. After years with Birchbox, she now has a subscription box problem as well. Her free time is a mixed combination of cats, TV, and finally trying to figure out how to do her hair.

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