Pictures of the Walmart Beauty Box have been circulating the internet for a few weeks now. I decided to go ahead and sign up for the Walmart beauty box because I needed deodorant, I knew the box came with deodorant, and the box was $5. If I was going to pay $5 for deodorant, I might as well get a fun box of stuff also! I even have a blog devoted to fun boxes of stuff. This worked out well.

2014-09-30 18.36.34
Nice presentation!


2014-09-30 18.36.56
Walmart Beauty Box!


As you can see from the pics, I got my deodorant, as promised. But I also got some deluxe Dove samples of shampoo and conditioner and a dry oil. I actually use Dove shampoo and conditioner and I happen to be travelling this weekend so these are going in my Weekender bag.  I don’t really know about this dry oil so I might experiment with that sometime when I’m bored.





Also included was a small Cover Girl Glowing Nights “glossinis” nail polish in a blackish color, weirdly called #Laserlight. L’Oreal threw in a full size glossybalm in Ginger Candy. I was kind of hoping for the darker color of lipstick I had been seeing in other boxes because this peachy color looks kind of weird on me. But it was nice to be able to try the formula, so I might try it in another color. L’Oreal’s YouthCode PORE VANISHER is pretty much the drugstore dupe to Benefit’s Porefessional. I’ve tried this sample before and it works well but I still have a Porefessional so I’m good on Pore Things right now.



They also included Neutrogena foundation samples in a small array of colors. I may or may not try it, or put it in a bag to give my friend’s daughter. Also the Pink Friday perfume- it smelled sweet, kind of fruity. Not bad, but not me. I had always been curious about what Nicki Minaj might smell like so now I know.



I rate this box a B+. Basically everything I got other than the deodorant was a fun bonus and I will use most of the bigger items that were included. If you want to sign up to receive four seasonal boxes a year, click here!

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