A few weeks ago, I was telling my friend Mary about our concept for Boxy Ladies before it launched and she was like “OMG! I just ordered Stitch Fix!” And I was like, “OMG, Guest Blogger!” Needless to say, we were excited to collaborate. We have been best friends since our party hardy days and at one point in time, I got her a job where I worked at CitiFinancial. We have now both since moved onto bigger and better things… Mary works at a big time event planning firm in Dallas and I’m at GameStop HQ so it was exciting to “work” together again. Without further ado… we welcome another Boxy Lady. Here’s Mary!

So I was driving home from work one day, listening to NPR, and I heard a segment on a new box subscription called Stitch Fix. Not going to lie, I have seen the posts on Facebook about all the other box subscriptions, so I was a bit skeptical. But, I will say I was really liking what they had to say, and it wasn’t an advertisement, more of an explanation of their company and business. I recently have been really wanting to take a few more fashion risks. Not crazy, but maybe just change up my normal ‘what I would pick out’ type items, so it was meant to be when I heard this segment.

Here’s the general premise. You go online to StitchFix and set-up your style profile. Once you do that, you schedule your “fix” and a stylist picks out five (5) options and they get mailed to you. You keep what you want and send back the rest in a pre-addressed, pre-paid envelope.  You’re only charged what you keep, and if you don’t keep anything you pay the $20.00 stylist fee. (if you do buy one thing, it credits the $20.00 to your order). Awesome right? A personal shopper just for you and the gift of style, and the MOST you have to pay is $20.00…win win in my book.

The experience has been, well AWESOME. It’s really hard to contain my excitement!! I am now referring to myself as the #stitchfixgirl.

Let me just say, this website is user friendly and really cute: A+. I read all the online reviews, and customers seemed really happy with this product, so I didn’t waste another minute filling out my style profile. I mean let’s get serious, I am not a fashion diva, and really have no clue of what my ‘style’ really is. If you’re like me, then this box is for you. The questions really make you think of what you like in your clothes, and what makes you feel stylish.

I get so excited, and go set-up my first fix, and the wait time is 3 WEEKS!!! WAH WAHHHHHHHHH… really? All that bulid up and anticipation, and I have to wait so long! UGH. But I was committed. Every day, I thought about what would be in my box! The anticipation is the worst part!!

FIXDAY!!!! Cute box, Cute step by step process (and for us blondes out there, we need this), and a personal note from my stylist. I felt like a movie star!

Stitch Fix boxStitch Fix box 2Stitch Fix box 3Stitch Fix Note


So then, you get to have a fashion show in your own home, with your OWN shoes, your own accessories, your own bra…the essentials you don’t get to have in a dressing room at the mall. (I mean how many times have you gone impromptu shopping in your sports bra, only to find it’s very prohibitive?)

First Outfit
Black Jeans $180.00 & Houndstooth Blouse $68.00 – Love both.
*jeans were a bit small, but they are letting me exchange, which is a whole other story.
houndstooth shirt
houndstooth shirt 2
Second Outfit
Same Black Jeans and Red Dot Shirt $78.00
*Loved shirt, but couldn’t justify spending $78.00 on a summer shirt in October, but very cute.
stitch fix pink shirt
Third Outfit
Same Black Jeans and Halter Top $98.00
Loved the Halter, but was a bit pricey for what it was, and a bit out of my budget range I put on my profile, but I tried it on. I tried it on with a black blazer, but it was too loose fitting around the stomach to make it cute.
Stitch Fix Halter
Fourth Outfit
Color Block Dress $99.00
Stitch Fix Dress
*Loved this dress, had a hard time matching shoes with it though. It was also a little tight around my thighs/hips, but the cut on top was perfect. I sent this back too, I don’t want to keep anything I feel fat in. EVER.
The BEST part about this whole experience, is that Stitch Fix really inspires you to tap into your individual ‘style’. They even send individual style cards with your specific items to show you different ways to wear the clothes!!! I felt this SO helpful, and even made my own outfit, that I probably would have never thought of on my own just being inspired by that card!!!
I paired the hounds tooth blouse with a black skirt (shown on the card), and a yellow belt, (I was inspired by the mustard sweater shown on the card). I felt like a style genius using my new blouse in such a creative way. Damn it feels good to be a gangster. (Well that’s how I felt anyway…oh wait, that’s every day.)
I won’t get my next fix until Mid-November, but I am sure it will be just as amazing as my first. I will soon be a full on #StitchFixJunkie, I am sure of it.
Stitch Fix Closet
So, for all you fashion bloggers, and Instagram fashionistas out there, I am calling this series:
“Oh, Hey…just going to work.”
Going To Work Diva
Going to Work Diva 2
Working Diva
I’m going to rate this month’s box an A-. I love the whole concept but exchanging an item for a different size is difficult. You have to contact the company and exchanging isn’t even an option at checkout. However, everything else about the process is fabulous! If you are interested in becoming a #stitchfixgirl like me, click this link to get started!


A self-proclaimed beauty junkie/hoarder with a serious Sephora problem. After years with Birchbox, she now has a subscription box problem as well. Her free time is a mixed combination of cats, TV, and finally trying to figure out how to do her hair.

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  1. Melissa
    October 14, 2014 at 8:22 am (3 years ago)

    Hi Mary–great guest blog! For some reason I thought that Stitch Fix was a knitting box, so appreciate the clarification. You got some really cute stuff! Can you give me more of an idea of the price ranges you can choose? The prices seemed a little higher than what I would want to spend.

  2. Mary G.
    October 14, 2014 at 9:45 am (3 years ago)

    Hey Melissa! Thanks for commenting and reading the post! When you go online, you give them a price range for clothing and accessories and I chose the $20.00 – $100.00 range. Their website is very upfront about their average price being $55.00. I do tend to agree, their pricing is pretty high. I was justifying the cost by thinking if they send me an awesome top or some great jeans that I can really get a lot of use out of, then the price is worth not having to go to the mall and shop, and I feel cute and trendy! The most you’re out is $20.00, so I went for it! You should check it out!

  3. Falon Vela
    October 14, 2014 at 6:46 pm (3 years ago)

    MARY!! You are so cute and funny and wonderful! Somehow you took everything I was thinking and put it in this blog!! Excellent writing and hope to see more you, dear guest blogger! You look amazing and love the finds! I am def going to have to try StitchFix as well!

    • mary
      October 15, 2014 at 8:30 pm (3 years ago)

      THANKS Falon!!! Definitely more to come! So glad you enjoyed it!!! You should definitely try it for sure! And coming from a smart cookie like you, I appreciate the writing comment, I really enjoyed doing this! Miss your face (even though it’s been since 5th grade), as I am sure you’re as beautiful as always! AMO MARO FALO CHEERIO CAMP lives forever in my heart! XOXO