Well that came fast. Just as I posted the September 2014 box, I got a preview for the October box! This month the theme is Spanish Tapas, and I couldn’t be happier. They are really knocking it out of the park with these boxes, I haven’t seen one that I don’t want. Everything in this box would go really well with a nice big glass of Spanish wine, something that I will definitely be pairing these things with.

hamptons-lane-steel-paella-panSteel Paella Pan – $35.00 – With the cooler temperature comes spicy, warm, heavier dishes, and paella is kind of perfect food for my mood. I’ve never attempted to make paella. I cook a lot, but rice is something I just can’t get down. It always comes out undercooked or overcooked or burnt or bizarre. I swear I follow the directions, but rice hates me. I am super excited to try to make paella – maybe I will have luck. If I don’t, it’ll make an awesome serving tray (I’m just being realistic).


pata-negra-imperial-spanish-chorizoPata Negra Imperial Spanish Chorizo – $14.95 – If there’s one thing I love, it’s cured meat. Chorizo is just so delicious. It’s perfect on its own, thrown into soup, mixed into pasta sauce, added to veggies… I mean, there is so much that chorizo goes with that the entire thing will be gone in a week. The description explains that this chorizo is aged for 5 weeks in a traditional Spanish style. I have no idea what the options are for curing meat, but this sounds great to me and I’ll eat the crap out of it.


dequmana-arbequina-olivesDequmana Arbequina Olives – $9.00 – OLIVES ARE MY FAVE. I love them. I love them, I love them, I love them. Those weird little balls of delicious are going to be consumed post haste. I have big plans for these that include me, that bottle of wine, and a marathon of Lifetime Originals. They’re described as “buttery, firm, and natural”, but I would describe them as “disappearing.”



la-dalia-sweet-smoked-paprikaLaDalia Smoked Sweet Paprika – $6.00 – I know what you’re thinking. Paprika has no flavor, so what’s the point? WRONG. Paprika is one of the most underrated ingredients that not only lend a great color to dishes, but also has a really complex flavor profile. Sweet paprika is great, but smoked sweet paprika is HOLY CRAP AMAZING. Just a tiny sprinkle can add a huge amount of flavor to a dish, so this container is going to last for years. Seriously, years.


matiz-organic-piquillo-peppersOrganic Piquillo Peppers from Matiz – $16.95 – I LOVE PIQUILLO PEPPERS. They’re sweet, spicy, smokey, and maintain their structural integrity while being stuffed. What’s not to like? Plus, these are apparently from northern Spain, so that automatically makes them more delicious (it’s a reasonable conclusion). These are a great addition to this box!



I’m giving this box a solid A for being fun, useful, and interesting. Hamptons Lane has definitely become one of the boxes I’m really excited about each month, because so far they have not come out with a single box that I’m merely “meh” about. I already can’t wait for spoilers for next month!




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