A few weeks ago, I was talking to an old pal from high school, Katie Owens Houpe, and she asked if I had tried any of those 3D mascaras people are always talking about. I hadn’t but I had never really had the opportunity. She happened to have a friend that sells them, Kat Sulak, so she helped connect us! Talking to Kat was really fun! She is a DFW girl also and we bonded quickly! Kat quickly sent out this awesome set of Younique Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lash Mascara for us to review on the blog. I couldn’t have been more excited! I had always wanted to try it and now I have this blog where I try things. It worked really well.

Kat also sent me this YouTube video that she created which was super helpful to me because I wasn’t sure how to use it.


The mascara comes in two tubes: one tube is the gel base and the other is little fibers. They say you can use your own mascara as a base first and I like using my old standby, Cover Girl’s Clump Crusher first. Then you alternate with the fibers and the gel base until you get the length of lashes you want! Sometimes your lashes can get a bit clumpy so I like to keep an old mascara wand nearby to comb out these fiber-y clumps.


The Younique 3D Lash kit!

I also like to use my regular mascara on my bottom lashes. No sense wasting the fancy stuff on those. I get a bunch of mascara minis and it’s fairly easy to clean them once the tube is dried up and use them for mini lash combs. I like this one because it’s big… it came from a mini Bad Gal mascara.

Bonus Tools

You are supposed to work on one eye at a time to keep the gel from drying so the fibers have something to stick to, while also using a lash comb to keep the lashes from looking spidery. This is an important step, because ain’t nobody got time for spider lashes. Then, at the end, you use your blow dryer to curl and lengthen the lashes even more! You can definitely see the difference. I am not naturally this blonde but my eyelashes definitely are and you can hardly see them when I don’t where mascara. I definitely feel like I am a superstar with this stuff on!

One eye done. See the difference!

I have to say, I was super impressed with the results. I am a former eyelash extension junkie but recently quit because of the high cost and the time it takes to get the lashes filled. While the 3D Lash mascara doesn’t replace the extensions exactly, I definitely don’t miss them as much. The results pretty much speak for themselves. (Also pictured, my favorite baublebar 360 pearls. Love them.) And this mascara is only $29! That’s a steal. This is right on par or possibly cheaper than any high end mascara on the market at Sephora and works better than those!

Final look!

If you are interested in grabbing your own mascara, here is Kat’s contact info and she will totally hook you up with this fabulous Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lash mascara for just $29! She will also give you all of the info to host your own party to sell mascara and other products to your friends! And if you fall in love with the products, you might even want to start selling them yourself! Kat is awesome and will give you all the information about how to make some serious money by selling makeup. And isn’t that what we all need with the holidays coming up?

Have you ever tried Younique 3D fiber mascara! Tell me in the comments!

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