This is one of those boxes that I signed up for late at night that I forgot I signed up for but was pleasantly surprised that Past Lauren made the decision to sign up for Pennie Post. There are a few different note card subscription services but I rationalized getting Pennie Post because I thought the cost was more reasonable. $11/mo for one month (3 cards), $33/3mo, etc. I signed up for the 3 month package because I wanted to make sure I used it. I am doing a lot of card writing these days in terms of wedding thank you notes but I would love to get into the habit of sending people real note cards on a regular basis. When someone sends me a card, it just totally brightens my day. I want to do that for other people!

So this is my first box that actually did not come in a box. Obviously, it came in a little envelope, shown below.

pennie post- envelope


Inside is a little package that describes the contents and a link to buy additional cards if you liked them enough to get more!



When I saw this little Hot Dog card, I immediately thought of my uncle who has a little Dachshund named Boo that he just adores. Also, my uncle isn’t super technology savvy (he might not ever read this blog) so I thought he would appreciate this cute card. Also, it’s made out of wood, so it’s a bit heavier than a regular card. I think he will like that I thought of him!


This card is pretty cute but I can’t imagine giving it to anyone but Matt since it says “Hey, sweetie” so if he ever reads this blog, he might learn this is coming his way. I do like leaving him random notes and sending him letters sometimes (which is when I learn how infrequently he checks his mail) so I will leave this for him somewhere soon. It is kind of girly but I think it’s the thought that counts? We watch Project Runway together. It will be OK.



This next one I thought was just SO CUTE. I immediately thought of sending this to my mom because she has always sent me holiday cards for most of my life and I usually only send her cards for the big ones (birthday, Mother’s Day) so I thought she would be pleasantly surprised to receive this card from me in October. I just want to squeal looking at that girl dressed like candy corn. Precious.



The other envelopes in this box¬†were blank but this one was extra cute and it even had a little bunny on it. My mom adores bunnies so it was totally meant to be. I hope she gets this card before this blog posts so it doesn’t ruin the surprise! (Hi, Mom! Thanks for reading!)



I’m rating this box a B+. I just love the idea of this box. You get a few cards and then based on what they are, you can figure out whose day you can brighten. When you buy any nice card at Target it’s $3/$4 so I think this box is a decent price but I wouldn’t say you are saving money by getting this. Mostly just breaking even for buying a few cards. But I like the service and the convenience so I’m excited to see what cards the next few months bring me! Maybe I will send them to one of you!

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