Ah, Love With Food. The little box that brings so much joy to people who love food as much as I do. For $12/month (or less if you pay upfront for either 6 or 12 months), you get a box full of tasty snacks and treats that you probably have never tried before. It’s a snacker’s dream come true. I subscribe to the snack box (8+ snacks per box), which is plenty for me. There is also a new deluxe box that contains 16-20 snacks each month and a gluten-free box with 8-12 snacks, both of which are just a few bucks more the snack box. I may have just talked myself into getting the deluxe box. Oh god, what have I done. I love food too much.

Snacks for days.


The October box’s theme was Monster Mash (aw), though I’m not sure how that theme related to the actual contents of the box. Either way, I’ve already eaten most of what they sent me, theme irrelevance notwithstanding.


Justin’s Almond Butter in Honey & Chocolate – I love almond butter. Brian loves peanut butter. It’s a struggle. He eats way more peanut butter than I do almond butter, so he wins and we buy peanut butter. These two little pouches of flavored almond butter are mine, all mine. Not to be shared (not that they’re big enough to share, but I digress). We bake our own bread, and there is seriously nothing better than almond butter on bread that is still warm. That is how I will be eating these. In case you were curious.

Clairsquares Buttery Shortbread Square – It took about 4 minutes from the time I unboxed it to the time it began its journal to digestion. I absolutely love shortbread, and this was super tasty. Very buttery, very crunchy, perfectly perfect little shortbread square. 10/10 would eat again. Apparently Clairsquares is based in San Francisco and creates a ton of sweet things that I want to eat. I’m sort of regretting going to their website because everything looks amazing and I’m on a diet.


Snapea Crisps 100 calorie pack – I went through a long period not too long ago where I ate Snapea Crisps literally every day. They are so addictive, I couldn’t help it. I ate them in unhealthy amounts, based on the size of this 100 calorie portion. They taste nothing like peas. They taste like crunchy little salty things with no identity. I love them.

Flamous Organic Original Falafel Chips – I’ve had these, they’re pretty good. They’re a good substitute for tortilla chips, though I’m not sure they are much healthier. These were lightly seasoned and almost crumbly. They’re pretty tasty with hummus for a carb overload.

J&M Cheese Straws – These are basically fancy Cheez-Its. Which is to say they are awesome. They are really tasty, and they are made of actual food so I don’t feel guilty eating them.


Nutryvitta Cinnamon & Sugar Bananinha Bar – This was the last thing I ate in the box, because it seemed really unappealing. It turns out it’s actually pretty tasty, and not like a cloying breakfast bar that I had imagined it being. I ate it for breakfast one day and it wasn’t too sweet, it was more like a soft cinnamon flavored granola bar. I’d eat it again.

Surf Sweets Organic Jelly Beans – Ehhhhh jelly beans. Jelly Belly has kind of cornered the market on these things, but everyone keeps trying to figure out a way to market new ones, don’t they. I don’t particularly like super sugary candy, so jelly beans aren’t really my thing. However, my fiance devoured them, but that means very little considering he would eat anything labeled as candy.

I’m going to rate this box an A, because food is awesome, and it’s hard to be a disappointment when you send a box full of snacks every month. Even if the jelly beans were a slight miss, the rest of the box rocked. LWF is great at delivering a wide variety of snacks, and this box was no exception.

Click here to check out Love With Food and get a box full of tasty treats delivered to your door monthly!



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