Sunset45 is a newer subscription box for me. This is only my second box and one that I’m still kind of on the fence about. There are a LOT of things I like about it, but there are still some things I’m not so excited about. Maybe I need to switch up the style I receive? There are three options you can choose: The Lavish box ($30/mo), The Classics box ($30/mo) and the Editor’s Choice box ($20/mo.) Right now I get the Lavish box. I don’t HATE it but I’m thinking I might be happier with the Classics box so I may contact them to see if I can switch it up.



The box always comes packed really carefully. This nice black box was at the bottom of the cardboard box shown below with the velour pouches on top of it. I appreciate that they package their jewelry with care to make sure nothing gets broken in transit.



Like a lot of boxes, this comes with a card to describe the contents but it also has pictures from different fashion shows that served as the inspiration to the theme of the box. To me, this shows that the box is very thoughtfully curated to show the different pieces being on trend. The theme this month is Born to Rule, however, if you can see in the picture below, that is kind of hard to read with the font and the background. I stared at it confused for a little while thinking it said Romeo Jule. Despite the graphic design issue, there were pictures from shows like Versace and Marchesa.


Behold, the contents of the Born to Rule box! As you can see, they included a LOT of jewelry. Some hits, some misses. We’ll investigate further.



This “Marie” statement necklace ($35) was the piece that was carefully wrapped in the nice black box mentioned above. My camera is making it look hot pink but it is definitely a deep red. This is a really nice necklace, and it reminds me of the necklaces that my mom makes sometimes. It actually reminds me of something she might wear. She has worn a LOT of red necklaces in my lifetime so it’s hard for me to see one and not think of her. I think this is very appropriate for the upcoming holiday season and the quality looks pretty great. This is a substantial and heavy necklace that I think could go well with a more neutral top or dress.



I received two pairs of earrings but my card only lists one of them, the “Isabelle” earrings ($18) on the left. I don’t tend to gravitate towards bigger earrings but I really like how they look. I just kind of forget to buy them. I really like these a lot! My camera was not being honest the day I took these pictures because while they look almost royal blue in the picture, they are actually more of a deeper, jewel toned teal. Like the necklace above, they seem very seasonal and I’m looking forward to wearing them.

The other pair, I’m not so sure. They are silver and delicate but still not quite my style. I may pass these along to someone else who might appreciate them more. Not entirely sure what they are worth since they weren’t mentioned on my card, but if the packaging doesn’t lie, it looks like they are Sterling Silver, so that is nice.


The “Joan” statement necklace ($36) is the one I’m a little confused about. It’s gold but not a STRONG gold. Like a light gold that I’m not crazy about. I feel like a judge on Project Runway… I like the idea of it, but the execution… not so much. If it was silver, I think I would totally wear this but the shade of gold they used makes it hard for me to know how to wear it. Kind of a bummer.


This  “Forum” cocktail ring ($21) is just straight up ugly to me. It’s more red than my picture depicts but it’s made with elastic and just feels and looks cheap. It’s just something that I won’t ever wear. However, I might give it to my niece for Christmas because she might have fun with it in a “dress up” capacity.

They also included a Kismet lipstick in Vivianna ($16) which they say is a “boutique favorite brand from NOLA.” Vivianna is a rich velvety berry shade and while I hadn’t heard of the brand before, I had been wanting to buy a color like this, so I’m glad I received this.

(Did anyone notice my Game of Thrones coaster? My sweet husband gave me a set of them for Christmas last year and I thought with the “Born to Rule” theme, the Lannister one worked well.)



I’m going to rate this box a solid B. The total value of this box was over $126, since that doesn’t include the silver earrings. I question the price of the ring but the others didn’t seem totally outrageous to me. It annoys me when boxes inflate the costs of the items. However, for the $30 I paid, I found this to be an excellent value. I really loved the quality and heft of the red necklace, the deep teal statement earrings, and randomly, the lipstick. I wish the other necklace had been a little different and the ring was a total NOPE but I’m pretty pleased overall.

When I first subscribed to Sunset 45, I sent them an email, letting them know I was a blogger and I asked if they would send us a box or a discount code and their response was interesting. They said no because they like to keep the value of their boxes higher so they don’t want to discount their boxes and force themselves to source cheaper items. I really respect that.  I also really respect the quality and care of the packaging each month. That black box is gift box quality and I can definitely reuse it either for a gift or for storing things.

If you are interested in learning more about Sunset 45, click here! 

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