Since Boxycharm sent me my October box in November, I wasn’t in a huge rush to review my November Boxycharm box in November. Especially when I wasn’t initially thrilled with the contents. But. Every box has it’s off months and for $21/month, Boxycharm usually sends an interesting collection of full size products.

Unlike ipsy, their themes tend to make slightly more sense. This month’s theme was Sparkle and Shine and they sent several products that go along with their theme.





The highest priced item in the box is the full size MicaBeauty Eye Primer ($44.95). I find that price to be hilarious. To me, it seems like just a regular primer and an average one at best. Perhaps they included the bellapierre Shimmer Powder ($14.99) to be layered over the primer.  Without the primer, it is a very sheer white and even with the primer, it’s only a slightly more opaque white. I’ll probably use the ridiculously expensive primer for other shadows, but the shimmer powder may only be good as a highlighter and I have so many of those and I’m not a huge fan of loose powders.



I wasn’t thrilled when I saw the TARINA TARANTINO Eyelicity Glitter Liner ($16) because I am NOT a glitter eyeliner kind of girl. I’m pretty sure I’m turning into a broken record when I say that. I’M AN ADULT! (This won’t be the last time I say that in this post.)  However, I was pretty surprised that I sort of liked this one. It obviously isn’t something that you can wear every day (unless you have an, um, “alternative” kind of job. But when I put this on, I immediately thought of New Year’s Eve and holiday parties. This is definitely fun. However, I did notice some glitter fallout which is something to note. IMG_0807.JPG


This OFRA Cosmetics Pressed Blush ($24.95) is HUGE compared to most blushes I see. It seems almost bronzer sized. Bronzers tend to be bigger since they are used on a larger area. However, there is nothing wrong with a big blush. Blushes last me forever and I’m looking to get out of my comfort zone. This blush looks very bright in the pan but it looks very nice on the skin. It has that same look of how your skin flushes when you are out in the cold. I definitely like how this product looks and it’s very seasonal. IMG_0872.JPG

Sigh. I kept insisting I was an adult when I saw the spoilers that this month would include a Kevin.Murphy Color Bug ($20-25.) What was I going to do with hair chalk? But I was sitting around on a Saturday night and my curiosity got the best of me and I tried the damn purple Color Bug. And you know what? I don’t entirely hate it. I didn’t try very hard to make it look great but just rubbed it in a bit and I thought I looked kind of hip. However, I am pretty glad that it’s just chalk and it will wash out of my hair tomorrow. But this could be fun for something? TCU or Raven themed something or other? I don’t know but I’m surprised that I somewhat like this.


I am going to rate this month’s Boxycharm a C+. I paid $21 and the value is $120.89*. I really didn’t hate ANY of the items but the Taraina Tarantino glitter eyeliner and the Colorbug are not items I will be able to use very often. The blush is probably my favorite product of the bunch but I can regularly use the eye primer. The highlighter is nice as well but just a bit messy so I’m not sure often I’ll be using it.

I’ve been thinking about whether or not this is a box I am going to keep. I do like that Boxycharm sends all full-size products for $21/month. *But I don’t like how the prices get inflated to raise the perceived value. (I’m talking to you, MicaBeauty Eye Primer.) I think I am definitely going to give it a couple more months to see if I feel like the quality of the products improves.

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  1. quicksimplereviews
    December 7, 2014 at 10:39 am (3 years ago)

    I totally agree with you about the inflated value. I first heard of micabeauty through ipsy, and I was surprised when I saw other subscription boxes that included them because I’ve never even heard of the brand!