Good news guys, Target is branching out! They started with just a beauty box for women, then they introduced one for men, now they’ve got one for women, men, and crunchy granola types! Maybe next month they’ll roll out one for dog clothes (fingers crossed).

The Target beauty box is awesome because they not only show what is inside each box, but there is no subscription required – you buy whatever boxes you wish. Lauren opted for the Women’s box this month, but I went rogue and took the Naturals box.  It cost $5 and was packed full of deluxe sized samples of natural products, and contained a few products that I’ve actually wanted to try. The box also included a $3 coupon off any $15 purchase of “natural beauty” products.

6 deluxe sized samples for $5

SoapBox Argan Shampoo (Target exclusive) – I love argan oil. I add some to my face wash, I use argan oil conditioning treatment in my hair, and I loooooove argan oil in hand cream and body lotion. I am super excited to try argan oil in shampoo! This shampoo claims to leave your hair very shiny, and I have no doubt it’ll be great. The only complaint I have about this box is that this shampoo came unscrewed in the box, and as a result created a little bit of a mess. There’s enough in the bottle where I can get one use out of it, but about half of it created a soapy blanket on the other items.

Skinfix Hand Repair Cream (Target exclusive) – I am obsessed with hand cream, especially in the winter. I am down to try any and all hand creams, the more moisturizing the better. This cream is infused with oatmeal, botanicals, and emollient oils, and is intended to heal dry, irritated skin. SOLD.

Burt’s Bees Facial Wipes – Hand wipes are something that I am a total mom about. I hoard wet-naps. I literally have a pouch in my purse that is crammed with whatever moist towelettes I’ve swiped from a gas station. They are so useful, and it always happens that the folks who tease me for carrying them around are the ones who end up sheepishly asking me for one. IN YOUR FACE, DOUBTERS. These wipes are meant to be used on your face, but they will most likely be used on my hands. They contain white tea, cucumber, aloe, and my eternal gratitude for being included in the box.

SheaMoisture Coconut Hibiscus Smoothie – I wouldn’t say I need this item, but I will still use it. It’s a conditioner ideal for curly hair, which I do have, but my curls are hideous and so I straighten my hair. It is meant to give your curls a ton of shine and softness, which I think everyone wants regardless of the shape of their hair. My straightened hair will also benefit from shine and softness, so it’s still useful.

Borghese Age Defying Facial Scrub (Target exclusive) –  This is one of the two items in the box that I will regift. I’m super picky about what goes on my face, so this is going in my sister’s Christmas stocking (you’re welcome, Jenna). That said, it sounds pretty decent. It’s meant to leave skin glowing and toned, as it is a clarifying scrub that improves skin texture. Sounds good, I’m sure she’ll enjoy it.

Acure Organics Facial Cleanser – This is the second item that will be given to my lucky sis. It’s a face cleanser that contains organic sea kelp, French green clay, and organic lemon peel. It all sounds great, but I have a strict skin regiment that works for me and from which I don’t typically stray.

Overall, this box gets an A+. The products might not be full size, but for $5 they are one hell of a deal. The bottles are large enough to get a few uses out of them, and the products are good quality from great brands. If you consider the included $3 coupon, this box really only costs $2 – a value that far surpasses the price tag.





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