IMG_1506Guys. I have a new favorite online store. It started innocently enough, I was just watching Vanderpump Rules (this is a judgment-free zone, so zip it) and then Watch What Happens Live came on after. Since queen bee Stassi was on it, I kept watching. At some point during the episode, she casually mentioned that she had a jewelry line on a website called I thought, “there’s no way this can be good. Where’s my laptop.”

That’s how this happened. Like I said, it started so innocently. No one ever wakes up on a totally unremarkable day day thinking, things are going to change today.

But things did change. I discovered the amazingness that is Shop Prima Donna.

This site is packed full of gorgeous, trendy stuff – and it’s all affordable. There’s hardly any jewelry over $20. I know, because I literally looked at every single item they sell. Jewelry, shoes, hand bags, outerwear, accessories…. and it’s all on trend and totally within your spending budget.

IMG_1512I kind of went overboard with my first order, but I regret nothing. I found a great alternative to my $150 horn necklace that I received in a PopSugar special edition box that I absolutely adore – but this one was $16.99 (OMG). The bib necklace pictured next to it was a whopping $6.90 on sale. Their sales are actually sales; we’re talking 50% off, not a couple of bucks.

IMG_1508I was pretty much expecting Forever 21-level quality, but it’s definitely a step above that. Don’t get me wrong, everything is plated and probably won’t last years and years, but at the prices they’re charging it’s totally worth it for on trend stuff that normally sells for a lot more. I can already tell the pieces will last as long as the trend does.


One of the things I was pleasantly surprised by when my goods arrived was that everything is slightly smaller than it appears to be on the website. Their models must be tiny because this jewelry is definitely daintier on me than it is on them. This is a good thing though, because a lot of the earrings and necklaces seemed unreasonably large when I was shopping. When I inevitably find myself browsing the site again I will definitely take that into consideration and be open to getting some of their larger pieces.

I just love everything about these pieces! I’m currently wearing the cuff bracelet and have gotten several compliments on it today. I really love wearing multiple pieces of really light, delicate jewelry, and this site is packed with items that I love. Definitely check it out!



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