My January Wantable Intimates box is my first box of 2015! How exciting! For $36/month Wantable sends you a box of 3-4 intimates/loungewear pieces based on a survey of preferences you fill out when you sign up. My first few boxes weren’t totally successful but I always like receiving this box because the things that they send me are always so random but I’ve ended up with a lot of things I like. It’s fun that I know the very wide parameters that they are going with and I still have no idea how they are going to fill in those parameters. It’s kind of exciting. And sometimes terrifying. What did they send this month? Let’s find out!



Rouge Papaye tights: The first item I received was admittedly in the terrifying category. These are hot pink tights with weird purple designs on them. I hope that it goes without saying that I would never wear these in a billion years. I don’t even know anyone who would wear anything like this. I’m an adult. My friends are adults. These aren’t children’s tights. I honestly have no idea what to do with these. They will likely go to Goodwill. I so rarely say the “Basic” girl phrase, “I just can’t even.” But what else can you say, really? Go home, Wantable. You’re drunk.





Muk Luks Slipper Socks: I really love these. They were valued around $30 and though I think that’s a little high for slippers, these are nice! I love wearing knee socks and shorts when I’m at home or a night gown and knee socks but these are a step up since they have that nice, grippy sole. You can’t wear these out, but they are more like house shoes. I really like them. The first night I put them on, I thought they felt kind of weird. It turns out I had them on the wrong feet. IN MY DEFENSE. They are kind of ambiguous in terms of which one goes on which foot. Matt thought it was obvious due to the fringe that should be on the outside. Once he put it like that… it made sense. Oh well. LIVE AND LEARN, PEOPLE.


It only occurred to me the following day that I was wearing these on the wrong feet. No wonder they felt weird. Matt laughed at me a lot.

real Camisole: I really love this camisole. It is made with the kind of fabric that is used to make that expensive seamless underwear. I don’t know how else to explain it. It’s super soft and very nice quality. It’s funny, I just bought a shirt from Old Navy recently that is almost exactly this color but sheer so I have to wear a camisole under it. I was wearing a white one but this one is even more perfect. This is a nice quality camisole that is valued at $28.




Final Grade: B-

So it seems like Wantable is now sending fewer items but the items that they are sending are higher quality and more recognizable brands. Obviously there was one huge miss this month– those tights are a complete disaster. I can’t even. But I really love the slippers and the camisole a whole lot so they saved the box. However, because the tights were awful, the value of this box was not great to me. I wouldn’t spend $36 to buy slippers and a camisole if I went to the store.  But that is the risk you take with this kind of box. Occasionally they will knock it out of the park but sometimes there will be off months.

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