It’s my dog’s favorite time of the month – BarkBox time! Like all of my other subscription boxes, the December box was a little delayed, but what can you do.

BarkBox is a monthly subscription box for your pooch! You can choose what size your dog is, and for about $20/month a cute blue box arrives with toys, treats, and accessories that are size-appropriate for your best pal. They usually send some really cool stuff, so my dog loses his mind whenever one is delivered.

Ho, ho, ho.

This month was of course holiday-themed, and it’s another great one.

This is adorable.

BarkBox Yuletide Log – $12.00: This toy is ridiculous. I guess I should say was ridiculous, because Benny destroyed it in under 3 minutes. He is a heavy chewer and had pulled the stuffing out in literally 30 seconds. The squeaker was in under a minute. The holly came off in about 90 seconds. Then it just died. It was cute while it lasted.


Holiday Tartan Bandana – $8.00:  This was my favorite item in the box. A reversible bandana is a great idea – candy cane stripes on one side and a holiday sweater theme on the other, it’s like two outfits in one! I try to find the most ridiculous things to put on my dog (he legit loves it), and this is a great little accessory to have around.


Etta Says Crunchy Duck Chew – $4.00: We are no strangers to Etta Says duck chew sticks. BarkBox sends one every few months, and Ben totally devours them. They’re a great treat for my pooch because it actually takes him a little while to eat it. The chew is tough, and he can chew on it for a while.


Bocce’s Bakery Lumps of Coal treats – $7.00: These are so fun. They are black like coal and perfectly season-appropriate. The treats contain apple, mint, oat flour, and charcoal (?), so they probably taste….interesting? My dog will literally eat anything, so I’m sure he’ll dig these. He’s also no stranger to eating charcoal, as he has been to the emergency vet and been force-fed activated charcoal so many times I can’t count through them. One time he ate a bottle of Advil, a tray of brownies, and a loaf of raisin bread in one week and had to get the charcoal treatment three times. Yay for ER bills!


Orbee Tuff Coal toy – $12.00: I think BarkBox is trying to tell me something. Ben received two coal-themed items, which is hilarious. This toy is actually awesome, it is mint-flavored and SUPER durable. He hasn’t been able to destroy this one and he has had it for about a week. Impressive!

Overall I will rate this box an A-. The yuletide log was a bust, but Ben had a blast tearing into it since he rarely gets fabric toys. Everything else was great. The total retail value of the items included in this box is $43.00 and I paid $21.00 for it. Sadly I will be taking a break from BarkBox for a little while because I have a giant stockpile of treats and toys for my dog already. I do love BarkBox and I will likely re-subscribe when the treats start to dwindle.

Smooches for pooches!


They also recently opened BarkShop where you can buy a bunch of the goodies from your BarkBox or in other BarkBoxes! Save $10 off your first order with code WelcomeToBarkShop (plus use Ebates – they give cash back from BarkShop!)

Treat your pooch to a fun monthly box and subscribe to BarkBox by clicking here!





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