I realize we are a bit into 2015 but I needed time to ruminate on my true favorite products of 2014. And I really have been ruminating- if it’s frivolous, I will likely give it a LOT of thought. And these weren’t going to be decisions I made lightly.

With one newer exception, these are my holy grail products. I not only use these all almost every day, these are the products I push onto my friends as well. My friends’ husbands tend to be less fond of me once they see the Sephora/Ulta bills but these products are worth it to the very last drop. And though I try many new products through the year, these products are the ones I will re-purchase time and time again.

I’m hoping I can write this blog and then send a link from now on. It will save me long text messages in the future. Forgive me if this is a little long but I have a lot to talk about. But let’s be honest, what else is new? ūüôā


1. Garnier Clean Blackhead Eliminating Scrub:¬†Before I discovered the face wash below, I was using this. I now use both face washes– this is the one I use in the shower every morning. My skin is fairly nice most of the time. However, I do have the occasional “spot” issue. And when I say spot, that is a nice way of saying GIANT PIMPLE that is likely hormonal. (Why in the world am I still getting these in my 30’s? Life is not fair.) So while the hormones will not let me go without spots completely, I feel like this face wash keeps my face clear otherwise. I also love this face wash because of its $6 price point. Can’t beat that.

2. Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash:¬†I discovered this face wash on my honeymoon at the W Hotel in Dallas. I didn’t have the highest expectations when I tried this face wash but I was completely blown away. It’s very lightly exfoliating and the scent is so fresh and lovely but not overpowering at all. This is a great face wash for every day.

3. Bee Tox Control Cream:¬†I received the Bee Tox Control Cream in a Memebox. I was afraid of what a product containing bee venom might do to my face but this product is amazing. It’s so moisturizing but light. The formula is almost whipped in the container and it just feels heavenly on. Even though I love it so much, this is the product that is new to me. I’m not sure I am going to commit to repurchase it because this comes from Korea. However, I am going to keep an eye out and if I see it sold, I would definitely scoop it up again.

4. Josie Maran Argan Oil:¬† I use this oil for so many things. Cuticles, hands, occasionally my hair– but I mostly put it on my skin after a serum to give my skin some extra moisture and also “seal in” the serum a bit more.¬†The reason I prefer this oil over so many others is this absorbs SO quickly into the skin but my skin still feels so moisturized.




1. Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation:¬†This foundation is simply the best. It has very full coverage that lasts all day. I use it when my skin isn’t behaving quite as it should and it evens out and covers all redness and gives me a great base for the rest of the day. The finish is a soft matte that looks very natural. As a bonus, it has SPF 15.¬†When I first bought it, I tried to buy the corresponding Tarte brush but it was out of stock and I got this Sephora Collection Pro Bronzer Brush #48¬†instead. This brush helps the foundation go on smoothly and evenly and it blends very well.

2. Dr. Jart + BB Beauty Balm:¬†When my skin is behaving and I don’t need as much coverage, this bb cream is what I reach for to even out my skin tone while also giving it a bit of a glow. BB creams are the “all in one” products in the beauty world. This particular one is a¬†moisturizer, sunscreen, and treatment serum. It also has antioxidant bio-peptides and adenosine protect skin from harsh environmental factors while restoring firmness and elasticity. This also has mineral sunscreens which provide¬†SPF 45 which is nice. It also has advanced brightening properties which contribute to that “glow” effect I like so much. In the summer I use this product as my moisturizer and foundation, whereas in the winter (or when my skin is misbehaving), I normally use the Tarte foundation with a moisturizer underneath.

3. Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer:¬†This is the concealer I buy time and time again. Not that I have to buy it very often– its formula provides such great coverage that you only need a tiny bit. I use this under my eyes and also around my nose and when I get the occasional blemish and it covers wonderfully. I use my BeautyBlender to help blend and it looks fantastic. I have one of these everywhere– my purse, my makeup bag and work. It’s that good. And seriously, these little tubes can last over a year. Since I have so many at this point, I might never run out ever again.

4. NARS Illuminator in Orgasm:¬†I received a smaller size of this in a Sephora Favorites sampler a few years ago and I still have it. Obviously, there isn’t a ton left but after literally having it for years, this has been the gift that keeps on giving. I like putting this on my skin after my foundation/bb cream prior to blush to give it a bit of a healthy sheen. I like to dot it on my cheekbones and occasionally, depending on the outfit, on my collarbone as well. That little bit of sheen gives the illusion/appearance of youthfulness and health. A little goes a long way and I assume I will have this for at least another year.

5. NARS Blush in Orgasm: In short, this is the Best Blush Ever.¬†This is another product that I keep going back to. In fact, I have “hit pan” on this one also and will need to re-buy in a few weeks. (“Hit pan” is beauty blogger jargon for reaching the metal pan part of the product. Beauty bloggers tend to have a harder time doing this because they use so many products so it can be mildly impressive. ūüôā ) ¬†This slightly shimmery peachy shade is so flattering on so many people that it has been a cult favorite for years. I can’t count how many beauty awards it has won but the list is long– but deserving! This is another product that lasts a ridiculously long time for me. I buy one every year and a half or so and then I’m set.

6. BeautyBlender:¬†I know what you might be thinking. Why in the world would anyone pay $20 for a dang makeup sponge. Well, the hype is real. This sponge really is miles above the regular drugstore sponge. Even the Sephora dupes don’t measure up to this one. The reason the sponge is so great is its egg shape and how great it is when used wet. The egg shape allows it to get into the nooks of your face (around your eyes, nose, etc.). But first, you must wet it! You make sure it’s fully absorbed with water and then wring it out completely so it’s not wet anymore. Then you can dot it on ¬†your makeup, almost in a stippling effect to help make sure the makeup isn’t settled into any lines and it will also help to give your makeup an airbrushed effect. It also helps to blend all your makeup to make sure you don’t have any harsh lines anywhere. This is especially helpful if you are contouring!




1. Urban Decay Naked 2 eye shadow palette:¬†Naked 2 is my very favorite of the Naked palettes. I find that the colors are so versatile that I use at least one of the colors every day.¬†You can see that I’ve hit pan on a few of the colors but I have had this palette for over 2 years at least. This is one that is definitely worth the investment. The colors are so pigmented and last all day.

2. Bare Minerals 24 Hour Waterproof Eye Liner: I actually couldn’t find a link for this one. It seems like they have discontinued this particular formula, which I have discovered in horror. This color is brown but also slightly burgundy. I use it to line my waterline and it stays ALL DAY. The color is perfect for my green eyes and I just adore it. It’s so hard to use up an entire eyeliner so it makes sense that I have had this for a few years. I will likely have it for a few more and then cry when I can’t buy it again.

3. Tarte Amazonian Clay Waterproof Brow Mousse:¬†¬†It was only in the last few years when I discovered that I needed to fill in my eyebrows. It was revolutionary for me. You see, I have a ton of eyebrows. This is why I didn’t think I needed to fill them in. However my eyebrows are BLONDE. Filling in your brows a bit will help frame your face. Once you start doing it, you will look at old pictures and wonder where your eyebrows were all that time. You only need a little at a time so this little pot will last YEARS. It also comes with a double ended brush: a side for applying and then a spool side for blending.

4. Cover Girl Lash Blash Clump Crusher Mascara (not pictured):¬†¬†I have been experimenting with mascara lately so I don’t have a current version of my favorite mascara. I was trying to give subscription box mascaras a try but the Cover Girl Clump Crusher is the real deal. I love it because it makes my lashes look so long and there truly are no clumps. I hate that clumpy mascara look with a passion so this mascara is my go-to. And it’s less than $5. How can you beat that?!



So those are my very favorite products of the year! I hope you found this helpful and maybe gave you some ideas of things you need in your own arsenal! Don’t forget that Sephora uses ebates. Make sure you sign up for an ebates account before your next Sephora haul by clicking here!¬†

Please let me know if I have missed an awesome product that I need to try immediately! Who knows, maybe it will make my 2015 list!

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