OK, y’all. I have finally received a Sunset 45 box that I absolutely love. For awhile, I had been receiving their “Lavish” box ($30/mo)  and it just wasn’t hitting the mark for me. I received several pieces I really liked but overall, I wasn’t totally satisfied. I decided to switch to the “Classics” box ($30/mo) and I’m really happy I did! When I did that, I also decided to go back to receiving both gold and silver pieces because I hadn’t been totally thrilled with the silver only options I was receiving and I also wanted to be able to get a true picture of the Classics box without limitations. And I’m glad I did! (They also offer a smaller box that is more of a combo of both styles called the “Editor’s Choice” box for $20/mo.)

As usual, they provide a card with their fashion inspirations for this box. They also list the pieces and ideas for how to wear them, which is nice. I love how thoughtfully curated this box is.








Onto the contents! I just love the variety and the styles of these different pieces!


Tags Double Strand ($36): This was my favorite piece of jewelry from the box. In fact, I already wore it last week– I could not wait! I definitely felt a little like Mr. T but I also felt really hip. This is another necklace that I might not have purchased myself but I love that I received it! I’m glad I am getting more gold pieces also. I wore this with a grey t-shirt and jeans with some of my baublebar ear jackets. I got a lot of compliments that day!


Findings Necklace ($38) and Findings Earrings ($10): When I first saw this set, it reminded me of jewelry that might be sold at LOFT– this is not a bad thing! I have so much jewelry from LOFT. This piece is very versatile and could be worn with a variety of things. I don’t typically do matchy-matchy with earrings and necklaces but these pieces definitely stand on their own. I’m still thinking of the perfect outfit to wear these with. Keep an eye on our Instagram and I’ll post something soon.


Cogs bangle set ($24): These bracelets are so cool. I always forget that bracelets exist so I am going to vow to wear them more. These could be worn with almost everything I own (since basically everything  is black and white.) However, I do tend to get annoyed at the jingling that bracelets make throughout a work day so I might wear these out to dinner or on weekends.




Final Grade: A

I am so glad I switched to the Classics box! I love everything I received so much. That gold necklace is awesome and the earrings/necklace set is really nice also. I’m glad I got those bracelets, too! If the next boxes are just as successful as this one, this could become one of my favorite subscriptions! If you are interested in subscribing to Sunset 45, click here! 

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