When I started subscribing to Pennie Post, I had no idea how much I would love this subscription! For $11/mo, Pennie Post will send 3 adorable note cards and sometimes something extra. They offer a few different packages: the monthly I mentioned,  $33/3 months, $60/6 months and $110/12 months. I choose the 6 month option since the price is so reasonable and Pennie Post does not do auto-subscriptions. Which means you would need to sign up every month if you chose the monthly option.

This month is an especially great month to receive cards because… Valentine’s Day! I love that they didn’t send serious, mushy cards since that isn’t my style.




And onto the contents! Behold the pretty cards! Swoon!



I’ll start with my favorite one, which is the most traditional, in my opinion. This Valentines Day Card is an exclusive card from Keek’s Paper Co. What with the flowers and hearts and all. I just love the design so much. To me it seems classic and modern at the same time. I like this one so much that I am going to give it to Matt. (Surprise, Matt!)



I love that this next Pea and Carrot card isn’t specifically for Valentine’s Day but is still sweet. This one is definitely on the modern side, playing on the “goes together like peas and carrots” saying. This isn’t super romantic so I think this could be good for friends as well. I love those peas and carrots illustrations and I’ve been trying SO hard to learn modern calligraphy like the writing. Others make it look so easy!



I have noticed a theme with Pennie Post that they almost always send a card with a cute animal. This Whaley Awesome card is the Animal-Card-of-the-Month. While the card is super cute on its own, I love when cards have printed envelopes also. It makes the card that much more special! I’ll probably send this one to my mom because she will appreciate it.



This is the “bonus” item of the month and it’s a Love Coupon. I’m trying to think of something funny I can give to Matt. Maybe an uninterrupted hour where I listen to him talk about Pokemon or Warhammer. Just kidding. I’ll make this coupon worth his while. 🙂



Final Grade: A+

This is one of my favorite and also most affordable subscriptions and I feel that this month was my favorite little bundle so far! I love receiving and giving such beautiful cards! For $11/mo (or $10/mo if you pre-pay like I did) you receive neat cards that encourage you to snail mail and brighten someone’s day.  They don’t have any referral links but if you are interested in subscribing, click here! 

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