It’s February Wantable Intimates time!  Wantable Intimates is a subscription that started out kind of shaky for me but ended up being pretty great. Check out some of my older reviews if you are interested in past boxes. For $36/month Wantable sends you a box of 3-4 intimates/lounge wear pieces based on a survey of preferences you fill out when you sign up. Even though I do like this box, I’m putting this subscription on hiatus for a bit as I’m trying to save a bit of money by cutting a few subscriptions that I don’t TOTALLY adore. I like this one a lot and I will miss it but I may end up picking it back up at a later time. However, this box was pretty nice for a last (for now) hurrah.



The last camisole type shirt Wantable sent had a very strange fit but this Pajama Drama Cami by Dreamweave Pajama fits great. I love that it’s a little bit longer than a regular tank top and it’s a bit loose which I appreciate for around the house lounging. And while this isn’t a color I wear out and about, I have several pink “at home” shirts. This is a win for me.


This Sophie B Panel Chemise was a wonderful surprise! It fits perfectly and it’s so pretty and flattering. It also came with a matching thong which is meh but that is how I feel about thongs in general. You can’t really tell by the picture but the stripes in the black are like mesh panels that add a bit more allure to an otherwise pretty feminine and romantic chemise. This was a big win for me.


Now this Scallop Rose Bralette by real Underwear is hilariously tiny. I laughed out loud when I got it because… I’ve never been tiny up top. I’ve been a bit more large and in charge. Even more hilarious is this is considered an XL. LOLOLOLOL. I tried it on for laughs and it was hilarious but there is nothing about this bra that fits or is practical for me whatsoever. Because it’s an XL, I’m wondering if that’s how it’s supposed to fit and everything is supposed to be hanging out to be sexy? But it does not feel sexy. It just feels like I am wearing a tiny bra. So I am going to send this to one of my “less endowed” friends. Because the bra is really pretty! The scallops are a nice detail, the rose pattern is pretty and the double straps are neat. But sadly, it’s just not for me.




Final Grade: B+

I have come to really enjoy my Wantable Intimates box so I will miss it. Overall, I think this is a great box. The chemise was so pretty and fit me perfectly and I love it. The camisole was also pretty great and is so soft so I am excited to wear it. I might put it on now. The bra was so pretty but hilarious. If only it fit, this box would have been perfect!

I’m saying farewell to Wantable for a bit but you don’t have to! Click here if you are interested in subscribing to Wantable Intimates for $36/mo!

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