It’s time for a new Love With Food box! LWF is an awesome monthly box that delivers new and interesting snacks directly to your doorstep. There are various subscription options, but the one I get is the Tasting Box that includes about 8 snacks and costs $12/month. An added benefit to subscribing to LWF is that they donate food and energy to feeding kids who are struggling with hunger. You can’t deny how great that is.

This month’s theme was Mardi Gras! I found this particularly awesome because I am going to New Orleans in less than 2 weeks for my bachelorette party weekend, so this is really putting me in the mood for some Bourbon Street fun!


If you read my blog from last month you will know that I was not a fan of some of it (ahem, shelled almonds). I am very pleased to say that this month more than made up for last month’s blunders.


Boulder Canyon – Olive Oil Potato Chips: If you remember, I am not super into fake potato chips, as in chips that are made with other root vegetables than potatoes but try to pass themselves off like a potato chip alternative. If you want potato chips, eat potato chips. Beets are wonderful and I love them, but don’t try to tell me that these beet chips are going to take the place of my potato chips. They aren’t. They can’t. They’re beets, they aren’t potatoes. Be confident in your beetiness, don’t try to be a potato. This month LWF sent me actual potato chips. These chips were made with olive oil and have a delicious olive oil flavor to them.

Snikiddy – Baked Mac ‘N Cheese Puffs: These are cheddar flavored cheese puffs, which are a secret weakness of mine. It is taking a lot of self control for me not to scarf down the entire bag. It is going to be so hard to wait until tomorrow to eat them because I already ate cake today. Twice.


Dolcetto – Lemon Wafer Bites: It’s almost like LWF surveyed me and asked me what kind of snack food that make me weak in the knees. Anything lemon, especially lemon wafers with cream. Oh my lord do I love them. The only bad part about this snack is how small the bag is (it’s tiny). This may be one of the snacks that I end up seeking out and buying on my own.

Rise Bar – Protein+ Almond Honey Bar: This snack bar is made with only three ingredients – almonds, honey, and whey protein isolate. They had me until whey protein isolate, which sounds like some weird food supplement that tastes terrible. I’m sure it doesn’t actually taste terrible, but I’m still giving it some side eye.



Yes, those Mardi Gras beads were included in the box, I didn’t just throw them in there for effect. If I wasn’t going to NOLA so soon I would just toss them out, but I think I will bring them with me and act like it’s still Mardi Gras.

Divine Chocolate – Milk Chocolate Mini Pieces: The LWF notes say that this chocolate was produced by the only Fair Trade chocolate company that is owned by cocoa farmers. I love that they included that fact, because I try to buy Fair Trade whenever given the option. I mean, it’s super easy to get fair trade bananas because they are usually labeled pretty clearly. Fair Trade chocolate, not so much. You have to really dig for it sometimes. I will enjoy not exploiting people while it melts in my mouth.

Dilettante – Toffee Crunch Truffle Cremes: Yum. Yum yum yum. Butter toffee with almonds drenched in milk chocolate. If you’re not drooling we are not cut from the same cloth. These are SO GOOD. Better yet, they’re free from artificial ingredients, just like good chocolate should be.


Monbana – Traditional Hot Chocolate: According to my car, it is 14 degrees outside. I have managed to survive the winter thus far by constantly downing hot beverages. This is made of 32% chocolate, which is confusing because I don’t know what else could be in there. Dehydrated milk maybe? Who knows. Who cares? Not me. It’s too cold to care. I’m drinking it regardless.

Tony Chachere – Original Creole Seasoning: This seasoning is supposed to be versatile enough to use on just about anything, but I’ll be the judge of that. I had never heard of Tony Chachere, so I googled to learn a little more about him. He is apparently an adorable tiny old man born in 1905 who is “a noted sportsman, chef and bon vivant of the area,” and I love him. I don’t know what the rules are for posting pictures of people I don’t know on my blog, so I’m going to simply suggest you google him and love him as well.


Final Grade: A

I am rating this box an A. I didn’t get angry about any shelled nuts this month, so that automatically puts this box back at the top of my favorites. Everything in it seems pretty great and I will eat it all. Fingers crossed March is just as good!

Snack on!


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