My fiance got me the best Valentine’s Day present ever. We are getting married in May, so we are knee-deep in planning and writing ginormous checks on a regular basis, so we agreed to keep it simple this year and not go crazy on each other. Brian regularly grabs t-shirts from (woot’s t-shirt shop), so when he saw that they were doing a $30 V-day mystery box, it was kind of a no-brainer. If you’re not familiar with in general, they’re kind of a mega site of all things awesome. They have various sites devoted to cool things, whether it’s technology or wine or even t-shirts. They tend to kick it fun and nerdy, so Brian knew that the mystery box was bound to be good (or at least ridiculous).



I knew the box was going to be really fun when he told me what it was, but Brian had his doubts. He likes to remind me that I am not as nerdy as he is, but I definitely have an appreciation for fun things. When we opened the box we were both really excited about what was inside.


Everything in the box had original Woot artwork. The tote bag pictured above is STURDY. It’s not a light cotton canvas, this thing is super durable. I love tote bags. I use them all the time whether I’m going to the gym or bringing things to someone’s house. I always always always welcome more tote bags, and this one is really cool. “Fortune and love favor the brave,” a quote from Ovid, is illustrated with some cool artwork. I love it.

The notebook has a really nice rubberized cover. It’s made by Denik, where similar notebooks retail for $12.00. The paper is unlined and a decent stock, which is super handy for me. I keep a notebook in my kitchen for when I’m cooking (calorie tracking is a pain in the ass but totally necessary if I’m going to fit into my wedding dress). As it just so happens, I used the last sheet of notebook paper on Valentine’s Day. Welcome to my kitchen, new notebook.


This shirt is adorable. It’s not a shirt I will be wearing to be fashion-forward, but I love having cute t-shirts to wear around the house or to the gym. Woot shirts are typically $15.00, so between the t-shirt and the notebook the value has practically paid for the box. Brian randomly asked me what size I wear in girly t-shirts, and we had a lengthy conversation about how brands and sizing variations matter and that’s kind of a hard question to answer when I have no idea what girly t-shirt he’s asking me about. He probably stopped listening after a few minutes and just defaulted with a size large. It’s cut like a lady shirt, but loose and comfy. Good job, fiance.



They included a rather large set of valentines note cards. They’re all adorable and have a blank back on which you can write a short message. There are 12 cards included, so I’m covered for V-day cards for Brian for the next 12 years.


Next up are a couple of stickers, also adorable. My favorite is a robot taping a heart on his empty robot chest chamber. Adorbs.


I’m not really one for pins, but these are pretty cute and I love the “mon petit chou” one. That might end up on one of my many tote bags. If you can’t read the black heart, it says “Plumbers are red, Hedgehogs are blue, Push start to join and be my player 2.” I told you Woot is nerdy, but how cute is that?


Final Grade: A


I’d rate the Valentine’s Day mystery crate a solid A. It cost Brian $30 and I think it was totally worth it. The tote bag is really useful, as are the notebook and t-shirt, plus they didn’t skimp on the note cards. More importantly – everything in the box is fun. I really enjoyed going through the box with Brian, my own petit chou. I hope Woot starts doing mystery boxes more often, I would definitely get some!



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