Yay! It’s March Pennie Post time! One of my favorite things about this subscription is that it is always one of the first ones to arrive every month so I always look forward to it. This month, Pennie Post has some big news! In the past, you couldn’t technically get a recurring monthly Pennie Post subscription. You would have to buy it every month, or (like I did) buy it several months at a time. (I got the 6 month bundle.) But now you can get a monthly subscription just like other boxes out there! Hooray! I’m glad Pennie Post caught up with that. It was not a deterrent to me because this subscription is relatively cheap so I didn’t mind buying a few months at a time but it’s nice for those who don’t want to commit that long. Now, I don’t even see the option to get several months at a time. Now, you can buy a one-time purchase of $11 or you can subscribe for $10.23 a month. (They note that this is a 7% savings.)

This month, the theme is Rainbow Bright! After these pretty awful winter days, it was so lovely to get some bright and cheery cards in the mail. I’m excited to send them to people!

Here are the 4 cards I got this month!

I was really excited to see this Happy Shower Rain Cloud card. I can’t tell if this is meant to represent spring showers or if I could use this for a baby shower? I might just use it for a baby shower since one of my good friends is preggo. I think I could make this work for that! It’s cute enough!

The first thing I said when I saw this Screenprinted Sunshine Card was how happy and cheery it is! I’m either going to send it to my mom or my mother-in-law. Both of them enjoy cards and either of them would enjoy this! (Spoiler alert, Moms!)

You can really never have too many birthday cards on hand. While I’m great about buying presents, sometimes I do tend to forget to buy a corresponding card. This Colorful Birthday Type Card is a cheery card that I think could be used for just about anyone. It’s graphic and not overly girly or manly. (Do you notice how almost every man’s birthday card has a golf theme? Not every guy in the world plays golf, card makers.) I feel like this card is going to come in handy when I forget to buy a card for Matt’s birthday next month. 

The last item Pennie Post sent was this Overlapping Rainbow Stripes postcard. This card was in their spoilers and made me very excited for my March subscription to come. I think I have just about had it with the snow and the rain and I need something bright and happy. I can’t even decide if I want to send it to someone or keep it for myself on my desk just to look at since it cheers me up. If I send it to one of you, just know I really like you a lot. IMG_2418



Final Grade: A

Shocking no one, Pennie Post gets an A from me again. Their package always cheers me up immensely and I love how they finally got onto the recurring payment bandwagon. These packages don’t have a huge value (since they are paper, obviously) but if you were to buy similar cards at the store, they would likely be more expensive there. These are more unique and it’s fun to be reminded to send out some snail mail.

If you would like to subscribe to Pennie Post, click here! They don’t do referral links so I get nothing if you subscribe except the joy of knowing you are going to love Pennie Post.

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