Today I am bringing you another product review! Brandbacker kindly sent me this bottle of Evian Natural Mineral Water Facial Spray to review and I was very excited about it. I had read for years how celebrities and general rich ladies would always bring a facial mist with them when they fly to keep their skin from being dehydrated in the dry airline cabin air. This all sounded very fancy since I am far from a jet setter with such needs. But since then, I would always see bottles of Evian on the tables and vanities of makeup artists so I knew they were using it also. In fact, I just saw professional hairdresser Kristen Ess use it on to make beachy waves slightly less intentional and more natural looking.

So I was excited to try it for myself! Maybe I could see what it’s like to be a rich lady who sprays water on her face, even when I’m not on a plane.

I also decided to record my first video to show you how I used Evian Facial Spray. (Now, since this was my first video ever, please cut me some slack. I learned a lot. (Like, I should not record vertically, for example.) But in my defense, I was holding the camera myself and that was hard. I was afraid that if Matt held it we would both end up laughing. I have a tripod coming to me from Amazon so hopefully that will solve my video issues. Hey, we’re all about learning here at Boxy Ladies.)

I have been reading for years and years that you should apply moisturizers on moist skin. This will help trap the moisture into your skin. However, by the time you are ready to put on moisturizer, your face has normally had time to dry. Evian Facial Spray solves this issue by spritzing out a very fine misting of mineral water that really only makes your face damp versus soaking wet, which is not ideal either. Then you simply pat your moisturizer on from there. I have read that some people use Evian Facial Spray between facial product “layers.” Like, first they will use the spray, then apply their serum, spray again, then apply moisturizer. I’ve done this a few times and it feels nice but if I’m running late, I’ll usually just use it pre-serum and I’m good to go. It certainly doesn’t hurt though!

Another way I have found to use the spray is to help moisten makeup brushes when applying eye shadow wet. This helps color go on a little bolder than it would when you apply it with a dry brush. Sure, you could use the tap water but you don’t want want your brushes to be soaking wet either. So the mist is a perfect balance of water.

But I think my FAVORITE way to use Evian Facial Spray is to use it as a setting spray. After I’m done with my makeup, I like to spray a light misting of it and dab with my Beauty Blender to get the most natural finish possible. It helps looks from being chalky (if you are wearing powder) and makes skin look dewy and natural overall.

Ta-da! You might be thinking… “Hey. I have water at home and this spray bottle I use to spray the cats when they do bad things. Why can’t I just use that?” Well, first, mineral water is important. But even if you put the mineral water in your spray bottle, it doesn’t deliver the fine mist that the Evian Facial Spray does. You see, we want skin to be damp, not wet. The spray nozzle in the Evian bottle sprays the finest mist which helps make everything smooth but not WET.

Final Grade: A

I’m actually kind of surprised about this because I never thought I would be a person who was into misting water on herself for various purposes but it turns out, I kind of am. I’m also sort of excited to have this as we move into the warmer months. I bet it will feel very refreshing mid-day when it’s approximately a billion degrees outside in Texas. I’ve definitely incorporated Evian Facial Spray into my regular makeup routine and I really love it! However, a little does go a long way so I imagine this bottle will last awhile! Click here to see a variety of sizes/prices on Evian Facial Spray on Amazon!

Product was sent for review and sponsored by Brandbacker but all opinions are my own!

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