Two days ago we had 70 degree weather, yet somehow Baltimore is about to get 4″ of snow tomorrow – which happens to be the first day of Spring (it figures). So all day long I’ve been daydreaming about music festivals and flip flops, beaches and dinners outside, and, most of all, how I’m going to update my wardrobe for the warmer weather (if it will ever come). I am super excited about a few of the trends this season and I am planning on spending my next day off shopping.


1. Casual Outfits – One of the greatest and worst things about the winter months is bundling up. At first it’s wonderful, all those super cozy sweaters and boots and scarves are like wearing pajamas in public without fear of judgment. After a while it starts to become kind of an effort that’s not worth making. Dry cleaning sweaters. Not getting your leather boots wet. Wearing the same wool coat day after day. The novelty of freezing cold temperatures wears off in a way that summer tends to do after you sweat through literally everything you put on (at least if you live below the Mason-Dixon line). Choosing to forget the scorching days ahead, I’m really looking forward to a change in my wardrobe.

Spring clothes are so much more interesting than winter clothes. In the winter, if you go for a casual look you end up looking homeless because you have to wear so much clothing to stay warm. In the spring we can all breathe a little easier and layer our jewelry, not our shirts. Layered jewelry is one of my absolute favorite trends that I hope takes a long time to die off. Three to four simple pendant necklaces, stacked delicate rings, a few bangles – I’m all about it. What I love about layering jewelry is that you can wear the simplest outfits and suddenly you look like a rockstar. Hang some gold shiny things off yourself and you no longer look like you spent the day gardening in your old jeans and loose t-shirt.

I am also really into messy up-dos. I have been obsessively following for a while and will be eternally grateful for the vast number of easy messy up-dos she has given me. She makes it SO EASY to do your hair in cool ways. It’s basically like Lauren Conrad Hair for Dummies.


2. Cutouts – VIVA LA CUTOUT. When I bought the purse pictured above, I knew I would like it, but I had no idea how hard I would swoon when it arrived on my doorstep. It’s my now go-to clutch (you can buy one too) and it triggered a major obsession with cutouts. I’m a sucker for geometric shapes, and cutouts take it to a whole other level. Between dresses and bathing suits and shoes, I’m really digging this trend. It’s a great way to keep cooler in the summer (who doesn’t want built-in ventilation?) and show a little skin without being revealing or showing anything unflattering. Notice how the cutouts are always in places that are flattering on literally everything? Ribs, chest, feet, shoulders. No one has ugly ribs. Everyone can rock the fashion vents.


3. Druzy Jewelry – The druzy trend is awesome, and it’s fun to say. Druzy basically refers to raw stone with a crystalized surface, much like a geode, so while it sounds fancy it’s anything but. I got the above bracelet and necklace recently and I love them so much I’m considering getting one of them for my bridesmaids (I can’t say which because Lauren is one of them, and it should probably be a surprise). Something about raw, jagged stone paired with smooth gold really does it for me. It’s rustic and trendy and exactly the kind of jewelry I like to pair with a casual outfit. Similarly, quartz necklaces are making a comeback after several decades of hiding, and I’m actually ok with that. I’m not usually big on trends resurfacing from my childhood, but it works with the whole pendant thing I’ve gotten into.


4. Spring Polish – Thanks to my Julep subscription (check it out here), my nail polish collection has reached a pretty impressive point. These polishes are on deck for being my most used colors this season. I tend to stay in the neutral range with the occasional splash of color, and I seriously love these colors. Nedra, described as “worn denim” is literally the color of worn denim. Shelly is a really pretty pastel without looking super girly and Daria is the greatest gray I’ve ever owned. Cynthia is by far one of my all-time favorite colors – it is purely a neutral light beige, but it has flecks of light reflecting matte glitter that catches the light and shines with a depth like nothing else. Shailene and Candace are dark polishes but the shimmery sparkle really brightens them up. All of these are neutral enough to wear with just about anything, and I can already predict that I will rotate through them all season.

Great, now I’m all excited for spring and I still have a few more weeks of boots and sweaters. Here’s hoping that the snow melts and the sun comes out soon!




A self-proclaimed beauty junkie/hoarder with a serious Sephora problem. After years with Birchbox, she now has a subscription box problem as well. Her free time is a mixed combination of cats, TV, and finally trying to figure out how to do her hair.

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