When I write a Friday Favorites blog I try to stick to a theme to keep myself focused on things I like (I like a lot of things). This week I was introduced to so many awesome things that I decided to write about all of them, regardless of the fact that the only thing they have in common is that I love them all.


1. IT Brushes Velvet Luxe Collection From the moment I touched these brushes at Ulta, I wanted them. I needed them. I thought about them constantly, and I knew it was just a matter of time before I splurged on them. They feel so nice in your hand, and they’re pretty to look at, but the hotness comes from the brush head. They actually feel like the softest velvet ever made, and the bristles are tightly packed in. They shipped yesterday, and I am so so so so so excited to try them out.  (Ulta currently has a 3% Ebate – it’s literally free cash back for your online purchases, so get an Ebates account here! )





2. Silk Cashew Milk This is like drinking a milkshake. It is so creamy and sweet and delicious, it’s definitely a diet splurge. I find drinking real cow milk a little sketchy, so I am a regular drinker of non-milk milks. Until recently almond milk was my non-milk milk of choice, but now I am all about that cashew milk. It comes in an unsweetened lower calorie one (25 cal/cup vs 60 cal/cup), but the higher calorie one is so rich and creamy that I don’t want to try the diet version. As far as nuts go, cashews are the fattiest, richest, and sweetest, so it’s obvious why they make the tastiest non-milk milk. I feel really strongly about how delicious it is, so here it is on my list of favorite things.




Last-Week-Tonight-With-John-Oliver-TV-Copert-HD3. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) I had hoped this show would be like the second coming of The Daily Show, but it’s not. It’s completely different and just as great. Each week he takes a topic that was in the news (like paying college athletes, or giving citizens of US territories voting rights) and explores the issue. This sounds really boring. It is not. He lays it all out in a really easy way to understand all sides of the issue and somehow also makes it hilarious and entertaining. His approach is completely neutral to any political affiliation but extremely effective. I can see this show becoming really important in the future.



4. Julep Don’t Leave Your Brows at Home I’m about to write a glowing review for this new product because I am ecstatic about it, so I won’t go into too much detail and make you read the same opinion twice. I don’t wear makeup on a daily basis except for filling in my eyebrows because I look like a volleyball if I don’t. I’ve been obsessed with Tarte’s brow mousse until I tried Julep’s take on it. They come in 4 shades; I chose Cool Brown which ended up being the absolute perfect color for my complexion. The formula is lighter than Tarte’s, so it’s easier to spread and stays put just as well. I can’t wait for it to go on sale so I can buy a bunch of them. (Julep currently has a 5% Ebate, FYI – sign up already!)


There you have it, my top 4 favorite things this week!



PS. Seriously, get an Ebates account, why do you hate free money so much? Click here. Do it.

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