It’s that Taste Trunk time of the month! If you’re not familiar with Taste Trunk, it’s a monthly box for people who like awesome food. You get to choose between the Gourmet Trunk, the BBQ Trunk, and the Sweet Trunk – each are $35/month. The first few months I subscribed to Taste Trunk I got the Gourmet Trunk, then switched to the Sweet Trunk a couple months back. Whichever box you choose, it’ll be packed with high-end tasty treats.

I’m back to the Gourmet Trunk now, because I’ve loved every Gourmet box I’ve received. This month was pretty awesome, and I have restored my love for this box.



This month’s box was themed “A Weekend in Napa” which was intriguing. Taste Trunk doesn’t typically theme things, so I was skeptical until I took a look at the items. Holy hell, they actually successfully pulled off a theme box. Bravo, Taste Trunk. Bravo. Alright, let’s get to it.



Napa Valley White Truffle Oil – $9.99 As far as I can tell, this isn’t a cheap perfumed oil like a lot of commercial truffle oils are. It’s not hard to make an infused oil, but it’s way cheaper for companies to just add truffle essence to olive oil and call it a day. Real, actual truffle oil is noticeably better and less…. intense. I used to live in Italy where I was spoiled rotten by an abundance of inexpensive real truffles everywhere, and it’s something I really miss about that time of my life. Whenever I visit I load up on truffles and truffle products (don’t tell customs). This oil is a welcomed addition to my cupboard.



Napa Valley Vinegar Co. Blood Orange Vinegar – $9.99 This vinegar is DELICIOUS. Everything in the box came from the same company, I guess they have different brands within their business. Their vinegar line is seriously impressive. I’m no stranger to their balsamic vinegars which pop up at wine festivals and foodie festivals regularly (they are legit delicious and worth every single penny), but I’ve never had their fruit vinegars. They’ve got a bunch like Champagne Pear, Cherry Cabernet, and Chardonnay Peach – if they taste anywhere near as good as the Blood Orange does then I will need to collect all of them.



Napa Jack’s Honey Truffle Mustard – $6.99 I haven’t tried this yet, but based on the other items from this company, I have a feeling it’s freaking amazing. I’m a huge fan of honey and truffle together; the sweet earthiness is just such a great combination. I am planning on eating this with pretzels (which are not made of potatoes, Lauren) because I don’t want to overpower it on a sandwich. I am actually surprised I haven’t popped this bad boy open yet.


Wine Country Kitchens Caramelized Red Onion & Fig Dip – $6.99 This. This is the thing that has been missing in my life. I am about to just give up and fly to Napa Valley to buy one of everything from this company. This dip is…. perfect. It’s perfect, y’all. Perfect. Sweet, savory, bitter… It’s just perfect. I would eat this with a spoon. I may have already eaten it with a spoon.

I am rating this box a solid A. Taste Trunk totally redeemed themselves from the last box, their shipping issues, and their problems with billing (perhaps they are growing, it’s understandable because of how great this box is). The total retail value of this box is $33.96, and I paid $35.00. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – usually I look for more retail value in my subscription boxes, but Taste Trunk introduces me to new delicious items every single month so they get a pass for sending me items that equal what I paid for them.

If you’re interested in checking out Taste Trunk, use my referral link here! It helps me afford these boxes that I love to review for you!




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