It’s Pennie Post time again! Basically, one of my favorite times of the month. I love Pennie Post. For $10.23/month, Pennie Post will send you around 3 seasonally appropriate cards and sometimes other little bonus paper items. Previously, Pennie Post didn’t have an actual monthly “subscription” as we are used to. You would have to either pre-pay and buy a 3/6/12 month subscription or remember go to to Pennie Post’s site every month to buy one month at a time. Now they have an actual monthly subscription where you can be billed monthly. Welcome to 2015, Pennie Post! I actually find it kind of endearing that they were a little behind the times in that area, considering their game is snail mail.

I loved the “Mother Nature” Spring theme of this month!

This ladybug birthday card is just adorable. I wish it had been around for Melissa’s birthday but I feel like it won’t last until her next birthday since my mom’s birthday is coming up. When I first opened it, I was like, “Hey Matt, you got a birthday card! But then I saw the part where it said “Lovely Lady” and changed my mind. 🙂

This box sure is appropriate with the “Mother Nature theme, as every card seems like something I would send to my mom. My mom LOVES bunnies, and will someday leave me with many, many, many bunny figurines. But until then, I know she would love this adorable bunny card. I just wish this had made it in time for Easter!

Rounding out the “Cards I Will Send To My Mom” is this beautiful Mother’s Day card. If only they had sent me two so I could send this design to Matt’s mother also! I love the lettering of this card. Reminds me of the hand lettering I was trying to learn at the beginning of this year. Once we are settled in the new house, I am going to try to pick that up again!   

Rounding out the box is this little floral gift tag. I don’t usually put gift tags on gifts outside of Christmas but maybe this is something I need to change. I’ll hold onto this for something/someone special.   

Final Grade: A+

I will use all of these cards and they are so seasonally appropriate! I also know my mom will love them all, so that makes me happy also. Too bad she will read this and see them all before she gets them, but I know she will appreciate them anyway.

Pennie Post does not do referral links but you can click here if you want to subscribe!

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