Hamptons Lane is one of the better food-related subscription boxes that I have come across. Each monthly box is themed around a concept and costs $47. The latest box is the Taco Party Box! I love Hamptons Lane because you can preview the box before deciding to purchase it and skip any month you want. They always give fantastic value and include really great items.

tortilla press6.5″ Cast Aluminum Tortilla Press by Imusa – $19.99 – I own this exact press, and I use it all the time. Making your own tortillas is not only super easy and fast, but it will always (ALWAYS) taste amazing.


411JNpyn+EL.SX385_SY500_CR,0,0,385,500_PIbundle-6,TopRight,0,0_SX385_SY500_CR,0,0,385,500_SH20_Roasted Tomatillo Salsa by D.L. Jardine’s – $5.99 – Tomatillos are the most underrated vegetable out there. Raw they have a pleasant tart brightness, roasted they are sweet and complex. Roasted tomatillos make amazing sauces, and this salsa is delicious.


masaOrganic Blue Corn Masa Harina by Tortillas de la Tierra – $3.99 – We make corn tortillas way more often than flour tortillas because it’s a lot lower in calories, I’ve never actually used blue corn masa harina before. This is a new one and an awesome contribution to the box.


organic masaOrganic Custom White/Yellow Corn Blend Masa Harina by Tortillas de la Tierra – $3.99 – Hamptons Lane included a second kind of masa harina that I’ve never tried, a blend of white and yellow corn flour. Awesome!


seasoningLa Menchaca Fajita Seasoning by South Texas Spice Company – $5.00 – This fajita spice sounds delicious. Apparently this brand is a small business owned by a family in San Antonio and the seasoning is a go-to for Texans. I learned all of this by googling, but I’m sure Lauren would be a better judge since she is a true Texan.


STMargaritasalt450__23141.1410991597.1280.1280Margarita Salt with Chipotle Chiles by Salt Traders – $12.00 – I have had Salt Traders’ products before and they really are a step above other salt companies. This salt sounds amazing with chipotles infused!

I am rating this box an A. Everything in it is awesome, plus you can preview the box before ordering it. The retail value of the box is $50.96 and coasts $47 (minus $10 if you use my referral link!) At $37 it is a steal. I’m really looking forward to the next box, Hamptons Lane is without fail a great box!



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