If you’ve read this blog for any number of weeks, you know I’m all about Vitamin C serums. I take any opportunities to try new ones to see how they measure up to my now high standards! I worked with Brandbacker to bring you this review of Oz Naturals Professional Anti Aging Serum! 

I’ve been using this serum for the past several weeks so I definitely feel like I have had a chance to see how it works on my skin.

I even used it during my stressful move. Normally, I feel like I might have broken out during that time, but I feel like this was able to keep my skin in check!

The product’s site says this about the serum:

ALLURE MAGAZINE’S Best In Beauty Vitamin C Serum – It’s widely considered to be the most effective organic vitamin c serum available & is proven to dramatically increase the production of collagen and cellular turnover – Resulting in a much smoother texture and even skin tone – We guarantee you’ll notice a much more youthful and radiant glow!
CLINICAL STRENGTH 20% vitamin c serum for your face + vegan hyaluronic acid is the absolute highest quality vitamin c serum available.
THIS VITAMIN C SERUM is guaranteed to leave your skin radiant and more youthful looking by neutralizing free radicals & is proven to stimulate collagen & reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
CRUELTY FREE, ORGANIC vitamin c serum does not contain alcohol, parabens or sulfates and is safe for all skin types.

I really do feel like my skin is smoother overall after a few weeks of use. The result I was really hoping for was for the serum to help lighten and fade the remains of an old blemish and I feel like it’s definitely helped with that. In addition to using this product, I have also been using Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream and I feel like the better my skin looks, the less makeup I need to wear, which is always the dream, right?


Final Grade: A

I couldn’t be more pleased with Oz Natural Professional Anti Aging Serum! My skin just FEELS great and I’m not wearing as much makeup these days. You can buy this great serum at a bargain price (for a serum!) of $22.49 from Amazon. And bonus… it even ships with Amazon Prime. (Confession: I’m pretty addicted to Amazon Prime.)

I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review

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