Last week Lauren listed her favorite items that she has received from subscription boxes and I thought I’d list mine this week. We get a LOT of stuff. Most of it is fun, some of it is meh, but once in a while we get something that is really special and becomes a Must Have Forever. This is my list of products I keep coming back to and would never have discovered if it wasn’t for all of these awesome subscription boxes I subscribe to.


Soixante-Neuf Horn Necklace – $155: The Soixante-Neuf horn necklace is by far my favorite piece of jewelry that I have received to date. It’s hefty and unique and can take a beating – but it cannot stand up to stupidity. Last year I wore this necklace ALL THE TIME and ultimately forgot it in a dressing room when I was shopping. I was so sad that I shelled out big bucks to replace it, something I’ve never regretted. It’s a gorgeous necklace that is great when layered with lighter ones, but just as great on its own. It looks great with everything from a blouse to a t-shirt, and it’s definitely the piece of jewelry I’ve gotten the most compliments from (second only to my engagement ring, which is pretty dope). Got this one from a Popsugar Must Have Special Edition box.

Lh1Xc0C6gxclOne Love Organics Antioxidant Body Serum – $39: This is one product that Lauren and I have both fallen in love with equally. We both received this in last month’s Popsugar Must Have box (it’s one our mutually favorite boxes). I didn’t think much of it until I used it for the first time and my skin was instantly softer. I layer this under my daily moisturizer, and I swear it has transformed my skin. I am pretty pale and get quite blotchy, but this has really evened out the tone and texture of my skin. I will absolutely buy this once it runs out (and I’m about halfway done with the bottle). Check out Popsugar Must Have here, you won’t regret it.



Don’t Leave Your Brows at Home by Julep – $24.00 ($19.20 for Mavens): I look like a melon without filling my eyebrows. That’s not a joke, I look like an alien version of a human, and so I must fill in my brows. Brow filler is a precarious creature, and finding The Perfect One is a process. I loved the formula of Tarte’s Brow Mousse, but the color is just slightly off. My skin has pink undertones and my hair is dark brown, and it seems that most brow fillers assume that medium- to dark-brown shades need to have a warm hue to them. Warm brown looks really bad on my brows, and finding a cool shade of the right brown has been a struggle. Julep came out with this brow filler (a mousse that slides on like a cream but dries like a wax) in a cool brown shade that is EXACTLY right for my complexion. The packaging needs some improvement (the brush is stupid and the narrow tub is a pain in the ass), but the formula is fantastic. (Become a Maven here!)



Millie’s Savory Teas – Around $1/bag, depends on quantity: This sipping broth, or “savory tea” singlehandedly helped me get through the winter without gaining any weight (I know, unheard of). These savory tea bags steep just like regular tea, but they taste like soup and have about 5 calories. It’s like sipping on a super flavorful bowl of soup and is extremely satisfying as a snack. I’ve tried all of the flavors and they aren’t super different from each other, but I do like the Spicy Tortilla and Tomato Basil the best. I have a box on hand at work so I can sip on a giant mug of that instead of craving chips or other junk food. (This delicious discovery came from a Love With Food box.)



Burt’s Bees Facial Cleansing Towelettes – $5.99: I was pretty ho-hum about these when I got them in a Target Beauty Box, but they have become a part of my daily routine. I am always exhausted by the time I hit the sack, and the last thing I want to do is spend a bunch of time washing my face. These wipes are so convenient. Probably too convenient, as they encourage my laziness. They smell great and leave my skin feeling refreshed but not dry. They’re perfect for before bed as a light cleanse, but also after the gym or a particularly intense BBQ dinner. They contain white tea, cucumber, aloe, and my eternal gratitude for becoming a part of my life.

originalHannah Max Cookie Chips – $4.50: You guys, these are snackable cookies. Not cookies that simply aren’t terrible for you. Not a small pack of thin little wafers that taste like nothing. These are SNACKABLE COOKIES. They are in fairly large (6 oz) bags that are filled with about 2 heaping handfuls of crispy, buttery, sweet cookies. There are so many cookies in the bag (which is like 250 calories for the whole thing) that Brian and I frequently split a bag. When I’m in the mood for a lot of cookies, I open a bag of these. I bought a case of them back when Love With Food sold them in bulk (they were like $1.50/bag at the time), but now there are a ton of flavors available and you can get them in grocery stores (YESSSSSSSSSSS).

So there you have it – my favorite products from subscription boxes that I’ve gotten in the past year. Each one of these items is something I continue to purchase and enjoy. One of the best things about getting subscription boxes is being exposed to new products that are out there that I probably wouldn’t have heard of or purchased just to try them out. Every once in a while something is just so kickass that I make it a part of my routine!

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