Ah, how I love this box. Love With Food is the only box that I get that I know I will never be disappointed with. It doesn’t get much better than a box of snacks showing up every month for just a few bucks. They offer a regular tasting box ($12/month), a deluxe tasting box with twice as many samples (around 16), and a gluten-free option. I stick to the regular tasting box. As a bonus, LWF donates a meal to a hungry child for every box that they sell. Check this awesome box out here!

IMG_2202This month’s theme was “Starry Nights” and I have no idea how that fits the theme except for the Luna bar and the star magnet. Let’s get into though, shall we?



Garlic Olive Pasta Chips by Vintage Italia – This is not the first time LWF has sent me pasta chips, and I’m glad they continue to do so. They are super flavorful and pretty filling. I’ve actually bought a full sized bag of these because they’re that addictive.

Wild Garden Hummus Snack Pack by Ziyad – I’m going to be honest, we make a lot of hummus and it’s way better than any commercial brand can offer, especially one that has a really long shelf life. I just don’t get the appeal of mass-produced hummus, they’re usually loaded with sodium and herbs to mask stale flavors and genuinely taste like crap. That said, this one wasn’t so bad. I also can’t deny the fact that it is super handy to grab a small box and bounce, rather than pack up a container of hummus and things to dip in it.



Mini Chocolate Chunk Cookies by Back to Nature – There’s very little I wouldn’t do for a bag of chocolate chip cookies. These didn’t last more than 30 seconds after I took the picture. That’s really all I have to say about this, it goes without saying that I enjoyed them.

Shortbread by Walkers – I was waiting for Brian to come home so we could eat dinner and I was ravenous, so I pre-gamed with these little buttery friends. They went down super easily, and it is my sincere hope that LWF sends me more. In the meantime, I’m saving up enough review points on the LWF site to buy a 24-pack of them. Yes, that is a thing that subscribers can do.



Green Tea Tropical by Mighty Leaf Tea – The only tea I drink is pre-made from Starbucks, so I really won’t drink this despite how delicious it looks. It just takes so much effort to dunk a bag in water. I’m BUSY, guys. I don’t have TIME to make tea. It’s going to my dad who is retired and has a lot of time to make tea.

Sour Beans by YumEarth – Jelly beans are the kind of snack that only children and drunk people like. I may not be a child, but I am known to house some jelly beans after some wine (or whiskey). I think they were good?

Lemon Zest Mini by Luna – This teeny tiny Luna bar really hit the spot after a particularly intense workout last week. As I tore into it, I thought to myself how there was no way this was going to satisfying, but shockingly this teeny snack packed quite a punch. I’m reconsidering my stance on the ridiculousness of protein bars, especially ones that taste like legit lemon bars.

Love With Food star magnet – This was just a fun little perk that LWF is known to send from time to time (they sent me a tote bag once too). It has nearly zero magnetic pull, but it looks pretty cute on my fridge.


Final Grade: A+

As usual, LWF killed it this month. Despite the hummus meant to survive a nuclear holocaust, it was awesome to get chocolate chip cookies, shortbread cookies, and a pretty tasty lemon bar. Next month is supposed to have a Fiesta theme, which will no doubt be irrelevant, but I am looking forward to it nonetheless.

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  1. Farla
    May 18, 2015 at 2:27 pm (3 years ago)

    As a cookie addict, I can say it doesn’t get much better than Walker ‘ s Shortbread Cookies. Oftentimes I compare their effect on me to heroin. I didn’t know this box existed. I would love to try it.