I have to admit that I’ve been procrastinating writing about my May Sunset 45 Little Luxuries box. Sunset 45 used to be one of my favorite boxes because of the really nice and thoughtful curation and the variety of jewelry and accessories included in every box. I really liked this subscription because I was interested in mixing up my jewelry collection with pieces that are on trend that I may not always pick out for myself. However, after two months in a row of unwearable jewelry, I’m not able to rationalize the $30 cost. There is actual jewelry in the world I can buy for $30 and actually wear, so this is a subscription I am saying farewell to.

However, it’s possible that not all is lost… after I canceled my subscription, I had a great conversation with the owner where I was able to give her some feedback and she said that some changes are coming to the box. So I might wait and see what those changes look like and I might subscribe again later! I’m hopeful for the box because of all the reasons I mentioned earlier. And the owner seems so nice, I definitely want her to succeed! It’s tough out there in Box World!

That said, let’s review the May box! I skipped my April box because I was moving and I didn’t want it to get lost in transit like several of my other boxes. I really should have paused Glossybox and POPSUGAR. Oh well.

As usual, they included a card with their theme and runway inspirations. I do always like this part of the box, I just wish that the jewelry they included was more along the lines of their inspirations!   Here are the contents of my May Sunset 45 box! I’ll talk about them more individually. The first bundle I opened contained the Paradiso bracelet set that they retail at $20. I’m very sorry but that is completely bonkers to me. This looks like jewelry you find in the little girls section at Target. There is no way that these plastic bracelets cost $20. That cost is completely inflated and so bonkers for the product. Also, these just feel completely age-inappropriate for me. They just scream “little girls dress up box” and I can’t see them in any sort of fashionable light.
I wish I could say it got better after that. It actually managed to get worse somehow when I opened this Shell-Lei necklace ($15.) I really want to be nice but it’s just hideous. I mean, I can hardly even look at it. Normally, I will give away jewelry that isn’t my style to friends but I don’t believe that anyone should ever wear this. It’s just too ugly. There are no winners here. We won’t even discuss how laughable that $15 price tag is. 
  This “Fuschia-cha”  necklace ($28) was not NEARLY as terrible as the shell necklace but that is an extremely low bar. It’s probably the thing I like the most from the box but it’s in a color I don’t really wear so I will give this one away. I just have to mention that the $28 price tag seems incredibly inflated for the quality of this necklace. They say that this “Blue Crush” ($20) ring has a soft ombre, gradient effect but it’s basically a white ring! I don’t see that at all. (I do see the cat hair on my ring display so I will use a lint roller on that next time. Sorry about that, readers. I have 3 cats.) The ring itself just did not have a good weight to it, did not seem of great quality and is not my style. I’ll be passing this one along to a friend also.  The last item I opened was this Birds of Paradise headband ($8.) This is probably the only thing in the box that seems like it’s at the right price point but the card still says it’s referencing a Missoni turban, and a Missoni turban it is not. I am not a fan of this, just not my style at all. 

Final Grade: D

I wish this month had been better. I wish March had been better. But I knew after I opened each item in this box that my time had come to say goodbye to Sunset 45– for now. However, I do really hope the owner switches up the box a bit and I would be interested to see what changes they make! So it might not be goodbye… let’s just say “See ya later, Sunset 45!”

Click here if you are interested in subscribing to Sunset 45! 


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