I received a ton of boxes before I left town to see Jill get married and this was one of them. I always love getting my e.l.f. Beauty Bundle because they always give me SO MANY PRODUCTS to try and I love trying new products. (If you couldn’t tell.)
Every two months, e.l.f. ships out its Beauty Box for around $19.995 + S&H.

Check out all the things they sent me in this bundle! Every bundle contains one “bigger” item and this bundle’s is the 32 piece eyeshadow palette ($14.) It’s my first palette from e.l.f. so I’m interested to try it. I’m pretty picky about my eye shadows (as I pretty much use Colourpop exclusively now) but I think this would be a nice set for a beginner.

I always love receiving brushes/tools in boxes because I’m SO LAZY about washing my brushes. This isn’t to say I use dirty brushes but I like to have many options of clean brushes til I have to wash them all again. I was pleased to receive this Blending Brush ($3) and it went promptly into my suitcase so I’d have a clean brush for my trip. 

This month, e.l.f. sent two lip products and a highlighting product. I really like the rose-ish color of this Glossy Gloss ($3) but I didn’t care for the brush applicator or the sticky formula.

The Mineral Lipstick ($5) is actually pretty nice. It’s a rosy color that leans slightly brown but it looks ok on me. It’s a good neutral color for work.

The Shimmering Facial Whip ($1) was a pretty big NO for me. The formula is very sticky so I can’t imagine putting it on my face. It’s way too light to be a gloss so I guess I’m mostly confused about this product. I’m actually really excited to try e.l.f.’s Soothing Serum ($12). I’m currently testing another product for a different company so I don’t like mixing skincare while I do that but I’m interested to see what a serum at this price point looks like. While I love my high end products, I’m always looking for holy grail products at any price!

Even though I hate cleaning my brushes, I actually do it occasionally. When I first opened this product, I thought it was their Brush Shampoo, which I already own. But this is a different product… This is The Daily Brush Cleanser ($3) and you spray it on your brushes after use and wipe them off so they are ready for the next use. I’m not sure if I’m going to have time to do that every time, but I like the option! I’ll certainly try it! I have never tried e.l.f.’s Eyeliner & Shadow Stick before but I love the color they sent. The dark burgundy looks great with green eyes so I’m interested in putting together a Look of the Day (#LOTD) with this.

I’m turning into a mascara snob so I might not even take this Volumizing and Defining Mascara ($2) out of the package. I might try to donate it or give it to a pal. Same with this Nail Polish ($2) because while I love the color, I’m pretty brand loyal to Julep! But maybe not. I really, really like that mint color.

Top: Eyeliner & Shadow swatches Bottom: Mineral Lipstick, Glossy Gloss and Shimmering Facial Whip


Final Grade: A

I LOVE opening this big box of products each month and I hated that I basically had to run out the door before I could play with everything. While the “big” product isn’t my favorite this month, it’s still a nice product. I love the variety of products they send, including tools and skin care! I will always recommend this box to everyone! It’s such a great deal for a little over $20/mo!

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I paid for this box, all opinions are my own. 

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