You may remember last week when I posted about how I was accidentally sent a special Easter Trunk instead of the Gourmet Trunk I subscribed to. Well, thanks to Taste Trunk’s awesome customer service I now have the right box to show you!

If you’re not familiar with Taste Trunk, it’s a monthly box for people who like awesome food. You get to choose between the Gourmet Trunk, the BBQ Trunk, and the Sweet Trunk – each are $35/month. Whichever box you choose, it’ll be packed with high-end tasty treats.




This box was packed with some really tasty items, I’m super glad they sent me this as the replacement box! Here’s what was inside:



The Jam Stand Drunken Monkey Jam – $7.00: I am actually really surprised and quite pleased with myself that I haven’t devoured this with a spoon yet. Made of only bananas, sugar, lime, and rum, it is like a tropical dessert in a jar. I am so glad that Brian hates bananas and rum (WHO DID I MARRY???) because this jar is all mine. I plan on heating it up and pouring it over vanilla ice cream. Oh my god I just made myself so hungry.



Copper Leaf Pineapple Orange Serrano Pepper Sauce – $7.95: I think this sounds super interesting. Spicy and sweet is one of my favorite flavor combos, and this fits the bill. I love that Taste Trunk is aware of what season we’re in, because a lot of these items are suitable for cookouts and summer weather. Fruity, spicy, and ready for a grill. I dig it.


Rustic Bakery Cranberry Crostini – $7.95: I absolutely love Rustic Bakery products. Whenever I’m in a cheese-and-wine-for-dinner mood, I pick up a pack of RB crostini and am happy as hell. They’re expensive for crackers but totally worth it. I already have a certain brie in mind and a bottle of cabernet that is going to be consumed with these puppies.


Gourmet du Village Dips (Parmesan & Artichoke – $3.99; Cheddar & Bacon – $3.99): These are meant to be tossed in the oven with cheese on top to melt and create a luxurious, crusty, cheesy dip. That is to say, they will be consumed post haste and probably way too quickly. I would imagine both of these would be stellar with a crusty baguette. Talking about this is not helping my empty stomach situation.

Final Rating: A

I really love Taste Trunk. This was such a great box, and I’m so glad they sent it to me as a replacement for The Easter Box Fiasco of 2015.

If you’d like to check out Taste Trunk for yourself, use my referral link here!



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