Love With Food is the only box that I get that I know I will never be disappointed with. It doesn’t get much better than a box of snacks showing up every month for just a few bucks. They offer a regular tasting box ($12/month), a deluxe tasting box with twice as many samples (around 16), and a gluten-free option. I stick to the regular tasting box. As a bonus, LWF donates a meal to a hungry child for every box that they sell. Check this awesome box out here!


This box was themed “Fiesta! Fiesta!” As usual, I have no idea why it’s themed that way because most of the items have nothing fiesta-y about them. As usual, LWF gets a pass on their lack of central theme because they sent me a box full of delicious snacks and who the hell cares.


Spinach & Kale Corn Chips by The Better Chip – I love when they send samples of chips! This is summer, i.e. party season, so finding new and interesting chips to serve with home made salsa is always fun. These are meant to be healthy, but they taste nothing of the sort.

Inka Corn by Inka Crops – I really love these. They’re like corn nuts but not disgusting – in fact, they are the opposite of that. Seasoned with just some sea salt, these dry, crispy corn kernals are such a good snack.


PB Thins by Bell Plantation – Yum. Yum yum yum. These are like savory peanut butter cookies. I am actually about to scour the LWF site to see if I can buy a case of them. They’re seriously delicious and so good for snacking! Plus they’re only 100 calories for a pretty substantial snack bag.

Educational Snacks by Dick & Jane Baking Company – I find these really funny. Each cookie has Spanish vocabulary with English translations. Now that I think about it, cookies are probably the best way I could learn another language. Ok, these are awesome.


Lemon Burst Cookies by Home Free – Lemon cookies! After chocolate chip, lemon is the best cookie flavor. I love anything lemon flavored, but the cookie-ier the better. LWF specifically sends all-natural, healty(ish) snacks, so I never feel bad eating the cookies they send me. It’s like eating a salad, right?

Pink Guava and Coconut Fruit Ice by Smooze! – It took me a long time to get into the fruit ice thing. I typically don’t like eating freezing cold things (except for ice cream, obviously) because I have sensitive teeth, but these fruit ices that LWF sends are pretty damn tasty. They’re perfect for the smoldering weather that is right around the corner.


Hibiscus Creamed Honey by Vintage Bee – Honey sticks are so underrated. I discovered honey sticks through a past LWF box, and I absolutely LOVE it when they include them. Honey gives you a nice burst of energy, plus these creamed honey sticks are totally delicious. I pour mine directly into my mouth, but I suppose if you were more patient and less constantly hungry you could smear it on toast or over ice cream or something.

Candy by Go Organics, one in Blood Orange, one in Iced Mango Mint – I’m not a huge fan of hard candy, but I can’t resist such cool flavors. Blood orange is one of my favorites, and iced mango mint is pretty interesting. I’ll get around to sucking on these eventually.

Final Rating: A

it is extremely unlikely that I will ever rate Love With Food less than an A. They jam so many snacks into that red box that it is always worth the $10 price tag. They also always send a great variety of items that I will always like at least a few of the snacks, and the ones I maybe like less will happily go to Brian. Plus they feed hungry kids, who can’t get behind that?

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