Hello purveyors of Boxy-Ladies! I’m Beeju of BeejuBoxes.Com, a blog, not unlike Boxy-Ladies, but with more snacks and considerably less sophistication. I don’t remember the exact moment when I met Lauren of Boxy-Ladies, cause to be blunt I don’t remember last week, but it feels like I’ve known her forever. We’re also cat people, and I hear Lauren is a notorious cat herder (I want that ability). Lauren and Jill are infinitely more fashionable than me and my co-blogger, D Lys, ever will be though. RESPECT.

The box I’m reviewing for ya today is Boxycharm, a 21$ per month beauty box that contains 5 items, most of them are usually full size. Truth be told – I’m a little mad at this box right now because I originally cancelled after May’s box, got a cancellation confirmation and everything, and they still charged me for June. Literally it was like, “Oh hey there’s a random credit card here,” “Should we charge it?” “Yeah we got it, do it!” Grrrr. Don’t they know my 21$ are reserved for POP Funko’s and videogames!?

b11So Boxycharm ships whenever it feels like; honestly this is one of those boxes that’s like “hey we have a few thousand subscribers, let’s just ship in waves cause CLEARLY that’s easier than shipping all at once.” They also have a ridiculous amount of shipping problems, sometimes items just show up broken, missing, or boxes just don’t show up. The first time I ever subscribed to Boxycharm, they printed shipping labels for me, but that was literally it. It never moved, never shipped, and I didn’t get that box until the next of the following month, they told me in a support e-mail, “Oh just keep the first one if you ever get it,” but I’d never get it cause it never went beyond label creation?. …. I guess what I’m trying to say is that they have a ton of shipping problems and no level of pretty is gonna fix that.

b1Boxes usually come with an info card that describe the item inside and its full size retail price. The box is also themed, this month’s was Sea La Vie, but honestly I don’t pay attention to themes in these beauty boxes because SO MANY never adhere to them (lookin at you ipsy). There’s also slight variations on boxes depending on stock/RNG/pure unadulterated luck.

b7ncLA Nail Lacquer
I never got behind the nude nail color trend, cause to me it’s like, “you want your nails to look like your flesh, so you literally look like you have no nails?” Nude nails are just crazy in right now so I guess props to Boxycharm for sending an on trend item? ?? ? ncLA is also a very common item in subscription boxes – Boxycharm has sent it a few times – and I like the formula so it’s aight.

b5Bellapierre Cosmetics Kabuki Brush
I’m finding it so hard to be upset at a cosmetic brush because they are essential and useful little tools that are always welcome in my regime, but the fact that bellapierre has become the new pur~lisse in terms of exposure this Summer, I both enjoy and loathe this item. At least it’s not an eyeliner. Arg.

b2Eslor Chlorophyll Lifting Mask
This looks, smells, and feels just like aloe. The texture is a thick gel that doesn’t exactly melt on contact, it takes work to get it to smooth and dissipate, but the feel is straight aloe gel. Eslor is really stupidly expensive too, so props on sending an item worth almost double the cost of the box.

b4The Beauty Crop Lighting Crew Highlighting Cream
I dig highlighters, they’re nifty. This is the first I’ve ever had that smells like a spicy pineapple. I like it. The payoff definitely isn’t a shimmer but more of a true subtle glow, so it’s an all around excellent highlighter. The Beauty Crop also has their own quarterly subscription box coming out full of their own products. If they’re as good as this highlighter is they may get a new subscriber.

b6Doucce Click Click Lip Stick
This is named so weirdly because the stick itself clicks up into the cap, kind of like a pen. The color is a deep, red leaning blue, it’s a very gorgeous color and it’s a bit on the sheer side. Do like. Do like a lot. Most people got cargo eyeshadow.


Sooooo that’s June’s Boxycharm. It’s an okay box, I know tons of people love it, but it just never was that exciting for me. I do really love that lipstick and I’ll use the highlighter, and I’ll use the brush despite being more than done with bellapierre. I just hope my subscription cancellation actually sticks this time though. Boxycharm is 21$ per month if you’re interested.

So that’s it for me! I’m Beeju of BeejuBoxes, and I’d like to thank Lauren and Jill here at Boxy-Ladies for hosting me <3 😀

Lauren’s Note: I’m so glad that Beeju was able to guest post with us! I’m also slightly glad that Boxycharm is still having its myriad of issues which makes me miss it less, which makes me less jealous of Beeju. (In Boxycharm terms.)  If you wanted to view our past Boxy Lady reviews of BoxyCharm, click here! 


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