This is my last Essentials Bundle from The Honest Company. I liked the products a lot but I received a bunch of their products over the past few months and I’m set for awhile. You are definitely able to skip unlimited months if you wanted to but I didn’t want to have to remember when skip and whatnot. I may sign up for it again in the future, who knows!

If you are just joining us, the Essentials Bundle contains 5 Honest Company products of your choosing and costs just $35.95. The Bundle is set up to come monthly but like I mentioned before, you can switch the date to whenever you want so it could even be yearly if you really wanted it to.

I really liked the Honest Multi-Surface Cleaner which is why I ordered a second bottle of it but Matt doesn’t think it’s great on grease in the kitchen. That’s OK. It’s good at more basic, every day cleaning, wiping down countertops, etc.

I’ve never tried the Honest Stain Remover and to be honest, I haven’t stained anything too badly yet to try it out! But I like the idea of having a stain remover in the laundry room. It’s one of those things that I tend to forget to buy but wish I had it when I actually stain something. And when you have a husband who spills on himself during almost every meal, it is smart to have a stain remover on hand. I will keep y’all updated!

Both bottles came with spray nozzles that I forgot to photograph!

I was excited to try the Honest Laundry Packs and I think they work OK. I’m not totally convinced I am going to give up my Tide Pods but I will definitely use all of them. 

Since I am on the laundry kick right now, I also bought these Honest Oxy Boost packs. I like to throw these in with my white sheets and towels to hopefully help keep them bright and white! Tho truthfully, I can’t totally tell? My sheets and towels are still pretty new so hopefully they will stay that way! As for the Honest Dishwasher Packs, I asked Matt for his opinion since he is King of the Kitchen and he doesn’t think they are that great. He thinks they work OK but likes the other ones I used to buy better. (Previously I bought the Target generic brand pods.) 

Final Grade: B

When I ordered the Bundle, I didn’t know that Matt wasn’t happy with the Multi-Surface Cleaner in terms of how it isn’t great on grease so I wish I had gotten a different product instead of that one. Also slightly disappointed with the dishwasher packs. I have enjoyed trying out the different Honest products but I am fine taking a break for now!

Click here if you are interested in trying out the Honest Company Essentials bundle for yourself!


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  1. Farla
    July 13, 2015 at 1:36 am (2 years ago)

    I have heard all of the household products are fine with the exception of the dishwasher packets from my daughter in law. But I was waiting for a “professional” such as yourself to review them. Thanks girl!