I told you I would always be the first to tell you when the Target Beauty Boxes go on sale! They don’t go on sale with any sort of regularity or cadence so you really just have to Know What’s Up. Luckily, I have ties in the “Box World” so I tend to know early on when these boxes go on sale and I can pass this crucial information onto you!

There are two “Back to School” themed boxes this month! Both boxes are $5 each!

The Honor Roll Box

Honor Roll
Click picture for link to buy the box!

The Head of the Class Box: 

head of the class
Click picture for link to buy box!

There you have it! These babies sell out WITH THE QUICKNESS so buy them right now! I barely even looked at what the boxes had in them before I clicked “Buy.” These boxes always have an amazing value so you won’t be disappointed. Since both boxes are $5 each, it’s hard to say no.



PS: You can also use ebates to buy the Target Beauty Boxes, so click here to learn how to get free money when you are spending money anyway!

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