Hello! It is July Glossybox time and I am excited. For those of you who have been paying attention, you will have noticed that I stopped getting Glossybox back after my March box, but then picked it back up in June, where I wrote a guest blog for Beeju’s Boxes and Jill decided to pick Glossybox up for herself and reviewed here June box here.

Got all that? For $21/month, Glossybox sends a mix of full sized and deluxe samples of beauty products. And it should be noted that they have the best packaging in the business. Those sturdy pink boxes are great for re-gifting things. I have actually done that twice this week. I mean, really. That presentation is pretty fantastic. 

Glossybox always includes a card that describes the products along with some beauty tips. Let’s see what they sent this month…

Looks like 3 full-size items and 2 deluxe samples! Not too shabby. Let’s investigate.

Face Stockholm Lipliner: ($17) Somehow, I had never heard of this brand before, so I decided to do some research about the company. It’s easier for me to copy and paste but Face Stockholm actually reminds me a lot about Make Up For Ever! Here’s a bit about the brand:

In the early 1980s, FACE Stockholm founder Gun Nowak owned three of the hippest fashion boutiques in Sweden. FACE Stockholm grew out of her frustration at not being able to find makeup to match the neon fashions of the time. “I didn’t set out to do makeup” says Nowak, “but I wanted every color and I couldn’t find them anywhere. I saw the opportunity.” Starting with her first shop in 1982 in Stockholm, FACE Stockholm was an immediate success.As the business grew, Gun turned to her daughter, Martina Arfwidson, for help. Sharing a passion for color and design as well as a playful sense of humor, Gun and Martina have formed a unique partnership, carving an exemplary niche for themselves in the cosmetics business. Their values are reflected in every detail of the FACE Stockholm brand: from the clean, welcoming boutiques, impeccable service and top-quality product, to the nurturing of top-notch makeup education and artistry. (Check out the rest on their site, here!)

So it seems that this is a high end brand that focuses on products for makeup artists. I’m excited to learn about a new brand! In terms of the actual lip liner I received, I was incredibly impressed with the formula. I put the liner on my hand to test out the color and I swear, this stuff did not budge. I was SCRUBBING in the shower to get it off of my hand. So I have high hopes to how this will stand up to a day in the office. And the color is a nice dark berry-ish neutral that is perfect for me. I’m already a fan of FACE Stockholm.



Hey Honey: (full size $59) I’ve received a few Hey Honey products in different boxes and none of them have ever struck me as out of this world but they aren’t bad either. I’m just not sure I would ever pay $59 for an exfoliator. Many boxes are trying to convince me that I need to spend that much on exfoliators but that would not be the product I drop cash on– I spend money on serums, the products that stay on your skin and deliver powerful skin-healing ingredients. Not the ones that go down the drain.

Cargo Cosmetics Better-Than-Waterproof Mascara: (Full size $20) I always sort of forget that waterproof mascaras exist and such, I never buy them. I remember the waterproof mascaras of yore that never went on like their non-waterproof counterparts, always clumpy, and generally just more trouble than they were worth. However, I do enjoy wearing makeup and while I never do a full face when I’m going to the pool, waterproof mascara is something I always wish I had when I was heading that way. And while the formula doesn’t come close to my beloved Benefit Roller Lash, it’s certainly not the gloopy and clumpy mess of waterproof mascaras of the old days. Naked Lips Organic Lip Balm: ($5.50) I’m into lip balm. I always have one within reach wherever I sit. So you could probably say I am an expert. I had never heard of this brand Naked Lips before and I had slight difficulty finding the brand website because I’m pretty sure this is a European brand. I love the cooling peppermint sensation of the “flavor” I received and it also feels super moisturizing, which is what is most important. I’m a fan of this but not entirely sure how I would buy it again if I wanted to.

Kueshi Anticellulite Booster: ($22.60) Weirdly I cannot find a brand website for this product. For the biggest sized product in the box, I am a bit bummed that it is this anti-cellulite lotion type stuff. I think these kinds of products are a bit like snake oil. If lotion cured cellulite, I think we would all know by now, wouldn’t you? I just assume this is a lotion and that’s that. I’ll likely give this away because meh.


Final Grade: B-

While I was pleased with the FACE Stockholm discovery and the Naked Lips balm, I don’t feel like the value was really great this month. I think those cellulite creams are full of crap so I am annoyed I received it, and while I actually like the Naked Lips balm, I guess I am annoyed with Glossy for sending such a low value type item in this box. However, Cargo is a reputable brand and I know Hey Honey is trying to make a name for itself as well.

I’m normally more impressed with Glossybox than I was this month but it’s still one of my favorites! Click on my referral link if you are interested in signing up for yourself!



Lauren purchased this box, all opinions are her own.
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