These Target Beauty Boxes keep coming with more and more frequency – and that is AWESOME. You’ve got to move fast to get one, but they sell out quickly for a reason. You get so much for a tiny price tag. This round of TBBs were college-themed and just as great of a deal as they always are. Target released two variations this time, both for a mere $5; Lauren got both of the varieties but I stuck to just one (named the Honor Roll Box) this time. We’ll review this one together because it’s way more fun this way!

Bathery Delicate Pouf – $1.99/full size


 Jill: I will always be happy getting a free loofah. I’m always going to use loofahs, so I’m happy having a replacement on hand for when that time ultimately comes. I really like the color of this one too!

Lauren: I got this in pink! Like Jill, this is something I use every day so I can never get enough of them. And I also happen to buy them from Target when I need a new one. The quality is great — sort of in between a cheapie one and an expensive Bath and Body Works version. This is the goldilocks of bath poufs– it’s just right.

John Frieda Luxurious Volume 7-Day Treatment – $2.00/sample size


Jill: I freaking love John Frieda. I have blogged about how much I loved the Full Repair line (before they sadly discontinued it). I am so glad I got a pretty sizable sample of this, I’ve seen it around before and have been meaning to grab a bottle to try it.

Lauren: I received this product in another box and I am still confused about it. I didn’t feel like it did what it was supposed to but also, I am not sure if I used it right. This is a product that SHOULD be amazing for me because I want Max Volume Hair All The Time and this promises that but I don’t entirely understand how this works. I think the polymers are supposed to coat the hair giving it a bunch of volume for a few days? Seriously, I do not understand how this is supposed to work but I am going to use it on a day when I style it so I can get the full 3 day wear out of it.

Olay White Strawberry Body Wash – $0.65/sample size


Jill: Like the loofah, I will always take free body wash. Olay in particular makes some really moisturizing, lovely smelling body wash, so this is pretty cool. I’m not really one for fruity scents, but again – free body wash. And this is a pretty large sample, so it’ll last through a few showers and would be great for traveling.

Lauren: I really do like fruity body washes, and I am a sucker for strawberry scents. However, I don’t entirely understand white strawberries. Is that a real thing? I am bad with food. But I love strawberries and mint and I love this scent. I might buy the full size! You got me again, Target.

NYX Butter Gloss Strawberry Parfait – $4.99/full size


Jill: I’ve never used NYX Butter Gloss before, but I really love this color. NYX is one of those brands that the price tag is pretty low for the quality of their products. Their eye shadows are great, and I would like to think that anything named “butter gloss” would be pretty fun.

Lauren: I’ve tried different NYX lip products before but they were more opaque, which is great for the right occasion. But this particular gloss is great because it’s sheer but not sticky and has just a slight pink tint to it. Great for a pocket/purse/the every day.

Goody Ouchless Elastics – $0.50/sample size


Jill: These are my absolute favorite hair ties, and while I usually go for black, it’d be nice to change it up once in a while. These will be great to keep in my gym back for the next time I inevitably forget to bring one (which is frequently). These really keep a ponytail snug; I rarely have to adjust my hair once it’s up.

Lauren: I got these in the other Target box also. Hair ties are hair ties! They work like hair ties. I’m sorry, I’m all out of things to say here. HAIR TIES.

CoverGirl Outlast All-Day Primer – $9.79/full size


Jill: I find myself only wearing foundation primer when I’m in or at a wedding, so I will probably not wear this. I recently opened the Body Ladies Store where you can purchase all sorts of subscription box goodies from us that we don’t feel like holding on to! It’s in its infancy right now, but soon we’ll have lots of stuff on there. More than likely this product will end up in there.

Lauren: Like Jill, I don’t find I use primers very much. I don’t really care for the feeling of layers of product on my face and I wear a really light foundation called Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue. This one is pretty light though, and doesn’t make my other makeup feel clumpy on top of it, which is always a good thing.

Burt’s Bees White Tea Facial Wipes – $1.99/sample size


Jill: If Target includes these in every box they curate, I will be one happy Boxy Lady. I absolutely love these cleansing cloths. They’re amazing to rid your face of makeup late at night when you just. can’t. wash. up. I also find them really convenient to bring on airplanes to freshen up on long international flights. I always keep these around!

Lauren: ALL THE TOWLETTES. Between POPSUGAR Must Have and both Target Boxes, I am set for many moons in terms of makeup wipes. I use them every day, so this is a great thing. I have never tried the Burt’s Bees version so I am happy

Final Rating: A+

It’s really simple. Target Beauty Boxes are the best. They have excellent value and cost almost nothing. They always nail it on assembling a really useful, interesting box. This box cost $5 but has over $24 worth of items in it (including the $3 coupon they always include.)

Jill & Lauren

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