It’s Love With Food time again! This box has consistently been one of my top favorites because who doesn’t want a box of tasty snacks showing up once a month for just a few bucks? They’ve recently outdone themselves because they lowered their pricing. That’s seriously unheard of in the subscription box world.


There are 3 different subscription options to choose from: the regular tasting box ($7.99-9.99/month), a deluxe tasting box with twice as many samples ($16.50-$19.99), and a gluten-free option ($19.99-$24.99). As a bonus, LWF donates a meal to a hungry child for every box that they sell. They really are awesome. Enough chatting, let’s get into this month’s box:


True Lemon, True Lime, True Grapefruit, & True Orange by True Citrus – Brian laughed when he pulled these out of the box because I totally hoard these packs. I LOVE THEM. If you like flavored (not sweetened) water or seltzer, you will love these. You can sprinkle them into a big glass of water and suddenly it’s tastier than ever. Bonus, they have a solid amount of vitamin c too, which I did not realize until I read the LWF description just now. I’ve been accidentally taking vitamins, that’s cool.

Hawaiian BBQ by One Potato Two Potato – These are so tasty! Sweet, smoky, crunchy, satisfying. LWF has sent a bag of One Potato Two Potato chips before, but I really dig this flavor.




Kids’ Organic Sour Citrus Chews by Honey Stinger – Full disclosure, Brian ate these. He is a total sucker for gummy candy and fruit snacks, so he dove right in before I could get any. He wolfed them down with cheetah-like speed, so I’m assuming they were prety good.

Blueberry Acai Flax oatmeal Fuit Squeeze by Munk Pack – I haven’t tried this yet. I’m a little confused about how there is oatmeal in it. I understand that it’s pretty filling and it’s kind with the calories, so I’ll probably end up scarfing this down after a long workout

Lemon Almond Biscotti by Biscotti di Suzy – Biscotti is one of the most satisfying snacks of all time. I don’t dip it in coffee, I munch on it by itself. It’s not terrible for you and tastes like a cookie but is usually much larger than one. This one is lemon flavored with chunks of almonds and a bit of vanilla – mega yum.




Coconut Almond Curry Granola by Bear Naked – This is ridiculously good. Curry adds such a rich, earthy flavor to granola and I am now a big fan. I am planning on actually seeking this out and buying a full size pack of it.

Simply Toasted Crunchy Coconut Chips by Bare Snacks – Coconut chips! Yessssss! Toasted coconut is one of those things that transports me mentally to a beach somewhere. I freaking love it. These are really tasty and the sample they sent was a great size.

Final Rating: A+

I know it’s a real surprise, but I loved this box. I love every Love With Food box. It’s not hard to love this subscription. As usual, can’t wait for next month!

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