I recently discovered A Kitchen Box and I still love its thoughtful curation and monthly themes. This month’s theme is A Berry Box. So cute! However, the biggest problem with this is that I actually don’t really like berries. I know! Such a tragedy.


For those of you just joining us, A Kitchen Box puts together monthly themed kitchen “experiences” for $30/month. They typically include a few kitchen accoutrements, and several recipes and ideas for having fun in the kitchen.

Let’s see what’s in this Berry Box, shall we?   

As always, I love the presentation and the packaging of all of the items.

Sonoma Harvest Balsamic Vinegar: Ugh, this is when I wish I was Jill. Or Melissa. They would tell me why this Balsamic Vinegar is better than other? I know they included it because it works with some of the recipes they included in the box, so it all works together.

Whole Spice Chia Seeds: Again, I am so NOT a foodie, so I would not know what to do with Chia Seeds but it also works with the recipes in the box. Strawberry Chia Jam? All right.

Stainless Steel Strawberry Huller: I had no idea what this was when I opened the box so I had to refer to the card where I learned this is a strawberry huller. For when you hull the strawberries. I have never done this? Probably because of the aforementioned thing about not liking berries. I know. I am a monster.

Ceramic Berry Basket: I actually really love this ceramic berry basket. As I mentioned earlier, I don’t care for fresh berries because apparently the terrorists won so I feel like I will use this for more decorative purposes but I think it’s super cute.

Classic White Flour Sack Towel: I love receiving a good flour sack towel because they are handy for everything.

The featured recipe of the box is Raspberry Cobbler with Drop Biscuit Topping by Hugh Acheson (Hey, Hugh! Loved you on Top Chef!)  The other recipes were: Strawberry Chia Jam, Balsamic Reduction and Spinach Berry Salad with Pickled Red Onions, and Blackberry Vinaigrette.

They also always include a fun playlist you can use to keep you inspired and having fun in the kitchen! Also included was a free music download: Cincinnati Street by Miss Velvet. I haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet but my former music snob self appreciated the diversity and cool factor of the playlist. 

Final Grade: B

It’s clear this is not the box for me but I’m not going to take off points because of my personal preference for not liking berries. You can’t win them all! For me, I just have a problem with the value of the box. I just think $30 is a bit steep for a few kitchen things, including a white dish cloth and recipes. Maybe if it was $20 or less I would be more interested but I have decided to cancel my subscription for now. I do love seeing what they come up with every month so I will miss that but for now I have a financial situation to focus on. Momma needs a new car and sacrifices have to be made!

If you are interested in signing up for A Kitchen Box, click here for their link!

Purchased; all opinions are my own


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