I occasionally forget when it’s e.l.f Beauty Bundle time because it comes every two months but then I am pleasantly surprised by the giant box at my doorstep. And I do mean giant. For  just $19.99 (+S&H) every two months, e.l.f. basically sends you a huge box of makeup/skincare/tools. It’s actually a little overwhelming sometimes, which is why I am glad this is not a monthly box.

E.l.f. products are really interesting because each one retails for only a few dollars but they tend to rival or duplicate many higher end brands. I feel like I am keeping this subscription around because I’m determined to find an amazing holy grail product that is like, $2. I’ve found some neat products but no Holy Grail product yet.

Let’s see what we got this month…

Basically, All The Things.

  It’s pretty incredible the amount of products they send every month!
The “big” product this month is the 48 Piece Little Black Beauty Book (Warm Edition).  This retails for $6 in stores which is a great deal for such a wide range of colors! I tend to think palettes like this one are great for girls/women just starting to get into makeup because it gives you a lot of options to play with but keeps the cost really low. I’m pretty brand loyal to Colourpop shadows at the moment so I think I am going to gift this to one of my friend’s daughters. She will enjoy it more than me! Matte Lip Color in Natural ($4.50): I was hoping this color would work for me but it is one of those nude colors that sort of makes me look dead. Womp, womp. But I’ve received e.l.f.’s Matte Lip Color in other colors previously and I know I like the formula. I don’t LOVE it. But it’s decent.

Jumbo Lip Gloss Stick in Tiki Torches ($2): I actually really like this! It’s a really pretty peachy color that will look really nice for summer. I had fun trying this on via Snapchat. Are you following me yet? BoxyLadies on Snapchat!
Makeup Lock & Seal ($3): I’m slightly confused by this… You are supposed to “coat your eyeliner, shadow, lipsticks, blush, brow color and more for sealed, smudge-proof wear.” I just honestly have no desire to go through this extra step for longer wear. If you buy better products, you don’t have to use a product like this but maybe this could help if you were using stage makeup or something? Worth a shot for $3.

SPF 20 Sunscreen Face Primer ($6.00): I like that e.l.f. is getting into the skincare/primer game. I don’t wear a primer every day– I just don’t feel like I need it at all. But I do like the fact that this one has SPF 20. This one goes on a bit slick in my opinion so I would use sparingly at first and build so you don’t end up with too much. You don’t want to have piles of product on your face. However, once the primer was applied thinly, it provided a nice smooth surface for makeup.

Waterproof Eyeliner Pen ($2): This product was a big NOPE for me. This eyeliner had hardly any pigmentation. To get a swatch to show up, I had to put 3 or 4 layers of liner. Uncool, e.l.f. UNCOOL. Do Not Buy.

Makeup Remover Pen ($3): Unlike the eyeliner, this product REALLY surprised me. I actually forgot that I received this and I’m excited to put this on my vanity. I occasionally make the wrong move with a cat eye/get mascara on my eyelids after I sneeze, etc. This pen will erase those marks IMMEDIATELY and let you start over. And for $3? I might stock up on these!
Eye Refresh ($3): This is a lovely cooling roller ball that contains key ingredients like Pomegranate, Rosemary, Green Tea, Cucumber and Grape to hydrate and nourish the delicate skin around your eyes. I think it will be nice to help refresh around the eyes in the mornings since the cooling effect feels so nice. I’m a fan.

Smudge Pot in Gotta Glow ($3): I’m sort of apathetic about this product. At first I thought it was too yellow to be pretty but now I think it’s semi-pretty but only if applied very sheerly. I don’t know. It’s supposed to be an eyeliner or an eyeshadow but I’m not sure I would use it for either of those things. I think I would use it as a highlighter. 

Shine Eraser ($1):  These are handy to keep around! These aren’t fancy but they are blotting papers and they will help you get rid of shine without adding more product on your face. Blotting papers should be a staple in every woman’s hand bag and for $1, you can always have some on hand.

Pressed Mineral Bronzer in Baked Peach ($5): This particular shade hardly showed up on my skin. It is basically the same color as my skin which makes for a nice subtle bronzer but… is it really a bronzer if it’s that light? The formula also felt a bit chalky. This product isn’t for me.

Waterproof Mascara Top Coat ($3): This product is intended to give any mascara a waterproof finish. I might keep this around because I tend to forget to buy waterproof mascara because I don’t need it very often.

Top: Waterproof Eyeliner Pen; Middle: Matte Lip Color in Natural; Bottom: Jumbo Lip Gloss Stick in Tiki Torches; To the Side: Smudge Pot in Gotta Glow; Somewhere: Pressed Mineral Bronzer in Baked Peach. (It was very light, I have no idea where I swatched it.)

Final Grade: C

I am feeling a little apathetic about the e.l.f. Beauty Bundle this month. There were definitely a few products I am into: the Makeup Remover Pen, the Eye Refresh, and the Jumbo Lipgloss stick. However, the rest of the items were just pretty meh for me and will likely be gifted. I feel like through this subscription, I’ve been given exposure to a ton of great e.l.f. products but I wonder at this point if I have enough? I think I am going to get one more box and see if I change my mind.

That said, this is a REALLY fun box to receive. There are just so many products to test and play with and I’ve definitely enjoyed that aspect of it. If you are interested in trying it out for yourself, click here for subscription options!

Purchased; all opinions my own
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