Just when I think I don’t have any August boxes to write about, Pennie Post saves the day. I can always count on Pennie Post to be my most prompt subscription box/envelope.

For those of you just joining us, I love sending cards and letters and Pennie Post helps me out with that by sending me 3-4 cards/paper items each month for the very specific price of $10.23. You could also buy a one-time package for $11.00.Let’s see what they sent me this month…

This month, Pennie Press sent an all letterpress collection called “Black, White and Rawr All Over.” Letterpress cards tend to be more expensive and of better quality than most so it was neat to receive a full package of them.I love all of the cards they sent this month for different reasons. Let’s look at them in more detail.
I love the Letterpress Smile For the Camera Card. This came at a perfect time because one of my friends at work is having a hard day so I hope this will cheer them up. Pennie Press also occasionally includes little paper “extras” and this month they sent the Black and White Polka Dot Stickers. These make the perfect finishing touch on any of the cards. This Letterpress T-Rex Fill In The Blank Card is totally adorable and actually a great card for a guy. Obviously this could go to a dino-loving gal as well but not all cards are created gender equal. And so many Man Cards only have golf clubs or beer on them. This one is a bit more creative. I’m going to hang onto this and give it to Matt when I feel like he’s having a hard day/week with work.
If you know me at all, you know that this Letterpress Panda Note Card is my favorite of the bunch. I really, really love pandas. In fact, my BFF Melissa and I used to watch the Baby Panda cam at the National Zoo on a very regular basis. It sort of became our thing. So I obviously had to send this card to her immediately.

Final Grade: A+

I loved this month’s Pennie Post! I love so many of them but this one came at just the right time where I used 2/3 cards right out of the “box.” This is always one of my favorite subscriptions so if you are interested in signing up for the box yourself, click here!

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