You guys may remember my scathing Stitch Fix review from last month, where Stitch Fix and I had a falling out of sorts. I had high hopes this month after being extremely specific about my fashion likes/dislikes/requests; I revamped my Pinterest board to include a lot of items Stitch Fix has in stock, I re-wrote my profile, and I made sure to be very clear about what I was looking for in the coming boxes. I really did try. Sometimes your best effort is not enough, and sometimes you need to just cut ties with a subscription box that keeps sending you garbage.

For a $20 styling fee, Stitch Fix assembles (or tries to) a box unique to you – your tastes, preferences, sizing, body shape, lifestyle, even your Pinterest boards are taken into consideration. Keep anything they send you, and the $20 fee is subtracted from the retail amount of whatever you keep. Likewise, you can send anything back and not pay anything more. Sadly, I had to end my relationship with Stitch Fix after receiving another selection of duds. Queue up Bridget Jones and break out the ice cream, break-ups are hard.


PAPERMOON BRAYSON DRESS – $64: Ugh, this dress. Look, I realize it looks great in a picture, but trust me – it is HIDEOUS in person. The fabric is a rayon/spandex blend and the texture is repulsive; while the pattern isn’t the worst I’ve ever seen, each one of those white dots sticks out like bubble wrap. Worse, it has ruching on the sides that raises the hem several inches on the sides of your thighs. It is just a terrible dress.



FUN2FUN CORTEN V-NECK TOP – $38: I actually really wanted to like this top. I love the print, the colors, and the style. I unfortunately could not get it over my shoulders because this shirt is hilariously tiny and has no stretch to it. The high-low trend is cool and all, but this shirt is so small that the front would have ended up like a crop top if I had actually been able to squeeze into it. See the hem in the back? That’s where my waist would have been. Also, the fabric is rayon. Pass.



FUN2FUN BOSLEY V-NECK BLOUSE – $38: I also really wanted to like this top. Again, I love the style, print, and colors, but the fabric once again is just unacceptable. Instead of being rayon this time, it is entirely polyester similar to shirts that are very popular in Bingo parlors. Why Stitch Fix insists on sending me these awful fabrics, I have no idea. I was able to get this one on, but it’s meant to be a flowy top and this one was not loose at all despite being a size Large (and again had no give). Back it went.



SWEET GREY IBBY T-SHIRT DRESS – $68: You guys, this is a night shirt. This is not a dress. No matter what Stitch Fix claims, this is not something you could ever wear in public. First of all, it is made of spandex. Second, it is so massive that it looks like a muu muu. One of the reasons I’ve given up on Stitch Fix is how unpredictable their sizing is. In the same box I’ve gotten a child-sized top, a juniors-sized top, and a matronly muu muu that would hang loosely on a quarterback. I was on board with giving them one more month, like keeping an ex around for all the wrong reasons, but this dress crossed the line.


ROMOLO MUNROE FEATHER PENDANT NECKLACE – $28: I am not in love with this necklace, but I like it enough to keep it so that I didn’t lose my $20 styling fee. The customer service at Stitch Fix was kind enough to refund my fee last month, so I figured the least I could do was keep one item. Normally I like gold jewelry, but this one just feels cheap. It’s super lightweight and probably not worth $28, but I did get a compliment on it yesterday when I wore it out.

Final Rating: C-

I might end up giving Stitch Fix another chance at some point in the future, so I’m keeping my account open with them, but for now I’ve had enough. Between the inconsistent sizing, questionable style, and them mysteriously being out of every single Pinterest item I requested and ignoring the notes I’ve given them, I just don’t see much value in having someone shop for me when I love shopping so much for myself (and have no problem doing so). I can see Stitch Fix being perfect for a gal who doesn’t have much time to shop, or isn’t as picky about clothes the way I am, or even just hates shopping on her own.

If you’d like to check out Stitch Fix and see if you have better luck than I have had, use my referral link here!




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2 Comments on Stitch Fix – August 2015

  1. UH
    August 19, 2015 at 3:54 am (2 years ago)

    Give ’em hell Jill!

  2. Christy
    August 19, 2015 at 9:47 am (2 years ago)

    I started Le Tote and one great feature is that you can pick your own stuff…love it so far but it is pricy