ThredUp has become my favorite site to shop for clothes. As far as consignment shops go, they usually require quite a bit of rummaging through before finding something that you actually like. I kicked the used clothes habit after college, but ThredUp has brought me back – in a big way. They are currently running a special where if you use my referral link (here), you will get $20 in free cash to spend – which, on ThredUp, goes a long way.

The clothes are very gently used, often they still have the tags on them. Better yet, they’re recognizable, trendy brands that are extremely cheap. We’re talking $15 for a last season Ann Taylor dress cheap. They do have more luxury items available, but that’s not what I’m after. My last haul was massive, but one of my favorites yet. I spent $128 for 6 dresses and a clutch, which is ridiculously affordable. Here’s what I got:



Street Level Clutch – $18.90 (retail $46): I love this clutch. It’s got a great throwback-but-classy feel, and in your hand it feels substantial, the way a well-made clutch should. It was marked that there is a tiny flaw on it, but true to ThredUp form, there is not even a fingerprint on the suede. I don’t know where they are finding these flaws that they mention, because I have yet to find one.


Ann Taylor LOFT Sweater Dress – $18.39 (retail $80): I wasn’t sure how this dress would look on me, but I am so over summer that I wanted to get all the Fall clothes I could. I will probably end up returning this because it’s a big bulky. Fortunately, their return process is pretty painless. This was another item that was indicated that there was a tiny flaw, but I couldn’t find what on earth they were talking about.



S.L. Fashions Dress – $15.30 (retail $60): I absolutely love this dress. It reminds me of something Zooey Deschanel would wear. The bow is adorable without being saccharine, and the shape is super flattering.


Gap Dress – $17.10 (retail $55): I ordered this dress with the intention of wearing it to a wedding that I am going to in a week, but it ended up being a little too snug. I decided to return it but it has pained me to do so – I love it so much! The cut-out trim is so trendy right now and I have been wanting a dress with that detail. There is no way it will ever fit though, which is surprising because Gap sizing usually is pretty accurate.


Gap Dress – $13.50 (retail $55): When I saw this dress, I was SO EXCITED. A couple of years ago I bought this same dress in navy and I absolutely love it. I always kicked myself for not also getting the black/gray version because I love the navy one so much that it’d be great to have another one to wear. I am so happy to have this!!


Desigual Dress – $25.65 (retail $110): Desigual is the kind of brand that I feel like I just can’t pull off. i love their funky Euro trendiness, but the patterns are just a little too bold for me. When I saw this dress I was really surprised how much I loved it. It ended up being super tiny, being European and all, but I would totally have kept this if it was a little bigger.


Spense Dress – $17.55 (retail $60): This one is more my speed. It’s going to look great with some tights and riding boots – perfect for fall. I had some reservations because it is covered in tiny pineapples, but I find the pattern inoffensive at most in person. The cut is flattering and cozy, and the fabric is quite nice.

All in all, another great haul from ThredUp. I also love that they always have an Ebate available (click here to get free cash back from Ebates, unless of course you hate free money then keep shopping online without getting money back), as well as a coupon code (I think I got 10% or so off my order, which is why the prices are such odd amounts – always check before checking out!).

As a reminder, use my referral link here and get $20 off your first order! That’s more than a free dress!







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