I know, I know. We have talked about razors before. We’ve even talked about Dollar Shave Club before. My friend British Rob did an excellent job describing his experience with Dollar Shave Club here and another time here. However, I wanted to take a turn describing my own experience with Dollar Shave Club. AS A LADY. (You know, a Boxy one.) 

I don’t know if you know this or not, but a razor does not have to be pink in order for it to shave a woman’s legs. I KNOW, RIGHT?! WEIRD. When I first heard of the concept of Dollar Shave Club, I was intrigued because I was tired of paying ridic prices for Venus razors. Don’t get me wrong, I did love my (pink) Venus razors but I wondered if there happened to be something better out there.

As a refresher, Dollar Shave Club offers 3 tiers of razors: The Humble Twin–which is the $1/month version where presumably the club gets its name (and the one Rob ripped apart here), the 4X–which has 4 blades and runs for $6/month and finally, The Executive–which has 6 blades (which may be too many but who cares?) and runs for $9/month.

I get The Executive because my legs demand The Best. I manage to make the $9 pack of 4 razors last for 2 months with an “every other month” subscription. When I first started my subscription, I also threw down $4 for the razor blade handle, shown below.

As I mentioned before, I receive this little envelope every other month because 1. I forget to change my razors and 2. These razors stay sharp for a long time so I don’t feel like I need to replace them as often. Each little package of razors comes in a little cardboard sleeve that has puns and jokes about things that are dull but YOUR MORNING SHAVE SHOULDN’T BE. It’s pretty cute. They also include the Bathroom Minutes which has random fun facts in it but I mostly tend to recycle without reading because I have approximately 10 magazine subscriptions that I mostly received as free gifts and I barely read those.  

Behold the package of razors! They are pretty, even if they aren’t pink or purple.
But let’s focus on what really matters… do they work? I think you’ve begun to establish that yes, they do. First, I love the handle. It’s kind of rubber-y so it provides a good grip in the shower, which is important. And the razors are super sharp and I literally never run out of them. Even if one is getting slightly dull, I know I have more in my closet. I have literally never run out of razors after beginning this subscription. I used to hate buying razor blades because the ones I would buy are these Gillette Venus Breeze for $22 for a pack of 6. Those 6 wouldn’t even last very long either and I would hate throwing down $22 every couple months. I would much rather throw down $9 every couple months. I mean, it’s math. And my legs are smooth both ways, so I might as well get the cheaper version.

Final Grade: A+

Shaving is one of those things that we all just DO and don’t spend a lot of time thinking about which is why I haven’t written this review until now. My razors are just always THERE. But Dollar Shave Club has become one of those subscriptions that is just such a part of my life! Isn’t it weird how that happens?

If you are interested in switching up your shaving routine with DSC, click here for my referral link!


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