My Birchbox went on quite a little adventure this month. I felt like I was tracking Santa while waiting for it to finally get to my doorstep. It arrived at my post office multiple times before looping back out to neighboring states three times. Thanks, USPS. Basically it’s a miracle I even got it.


For the unfamiliar, Birchbox sends out deluxe, high-end samples at $10/month. One of the great things about Birchbox is you can earn free cash money to use in their store where you can purchase full-sized items that you’ve received in the sample box just by giving some feedback about what you received. I love free money.



I was surprised by how much I liked my samples this month. I saw the spoilers when I logged into my account over and over as I was tracking down my package, so I had an idea of what I’d receive. I love being pleasantly surprised! Let’s check out what I got in more detail:


Rusk Volumizing Mousse ($18 for full size) – I have used other Rusk products in the past, so I’m pretty excited to try this. I have found Rusk to be salon-quality at drugstore prices. This was a sample that I was actually able to select myself, which is just one more Birchbox perk!



Harvey Prince perfume in Hello ($26 – $90 for full size) – I usually hate getting perfume samples in my Birchboxes because I never use them. After I rolled my eyes and accepted my misfortune, I actually sprayed it and was shocked. I absolutely love it. It smells SO GOOD. It’s a perfect blend and fresh, sweet, and floral with hints of plumeria, tangerine, and meyer lemon. I am actually considering buying a bottle of it when my regular scent runs low.


Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle spray ($21.95 for full size) – I haven’t used a detangling spray since I was a child, but lately I’ve been using a new conditioner that doesn’t quite leave my hair as smooth as I’d like. A few squirts of this and my comb glides through my hair perfectly, plus it gives my locks a nice shine. Again, surprised by how much I love this product.



LAQA & Co. Charm School Kit (3 colors for $20) – Birchbox sent one of three colors to everyone this month, and I was among the lucky few who got the Barbie pink color. It’s not flattering at all, but I do really like the formula. It’s smooth, opaque color, and I can see it being great if it was a shade that complemented my skin tone.



Supergoop! Hand Cream with SPF 40 ($12 – $34 for full size) I’m not a huge fan of Supergoop! products, but I love receiving hand cream! Unfortunately this sample was so Supertiny! that there was more packaging than product. It left my hands a little greasy, which I suppose is from the SPF.

Final Rating: A

I really liked this box. Birchbox used to be somewhat hit or miss, but ever since I restarted my subscription earlier this year, I’ve been really impressed. They’re sending out better and better products and I’ve been really pleased with the subscription so far. I’m definitely looking forward to next month!

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