OK, so I made a pretty big Sephora haul at the VIB Rouge event earlier this month. So while I would like to have an unlimited pile of money where I can just buy all the makeup I want all the time, I occasionally need to show some restraint. So on those days when I am showing restraint, I occasionally go Fake Shopping. My Fake Shopping trips involve me putting a lot of things I want in my cart and then closing the browser before I do any damage to my bank account. But I might as well share some of the things I’m interested in buying… someday.

Urban Decay Naked Smoky ($54): Truly, I need eyeshadow like I need a hole in the head which is why I haven’t bought this yet. But my favorite Urban Decay Naked palette is Naked 2, which has more of the smokier brown type shades and this one just looks incredible. Settle down, Lauren. You don’t need this.


Dr. Jart+ BB Mate Contouring 123 Kit ($45): I have really never been able to figure out the whole contouring thing. Powders don’t seem to work for me. I always end up feeling like I look like I just drew on a beard so I think I need to go in a different direction when I try again. I also think too many contouring kits just have BROWN powders in them and the whole idea of contouring is that it’s supposed to look like a shadow. And what shadows are brown? I blame the Kardashians for this. I think I will have better luck with a cream or a liquid type formula like this trio from Dr. Jart+ who I already trust for my BB Cream.



Christian Louboutin Nail Colour – Scarabee Collection ($50): This would not be a lust list if it didn’t include a ridiculously overpriced nail polish from Louboutin. I will literally never spend $50 for a single bottle of nail polish but I sure will stare at it. I get all of my polish from the Julep Maven subscription program, which I totally love, but just does not have the fanciness cache as Louboutin. Though I guess if I am being honest, a Louboutin nail polish might be the most accessible Louboutin product out there.

Bite Beauty Frozen Berries Matte Creme Lipsticks ($24):  If you haven’t heard yet, the 90’s are back. Oh, and it’s about to be Fall. So with that in mind, basically we all need really dark, berry lips to fit in. I’m eyeballing this Frozen Berries collection from Bite Beauty, specifically in Elderberry and Black Cherry. (Elderberry shown below.) I know this tends to look a little goth but I just roll with it. This is a great look for going out, maybe not so much for going to dinner. You gotta really watch what you are doing when you are wearing lipstick this dark.  

MALIN+GOETZ Acne Treatment ($24): You know, it’s not something I love to talk about but I still get the occasional zit. In my 30s. WHY?! I mean, COME ON. Why couldn’t I outgrow that, like 15 years ago? I have heard several testimonials about this stuff and I am willing to do just about anything to shorten the life of those pesky bumps. I might actually buy this because Vanity.




Lancome Miracle Cushion Foundation ($46.50): I’ve been intrigued by these cushion foundations for awhile. These types of foundations give very light and dewy coverage so this is better for those “good skin days” but I still think this is a type of product I need to have in my arsenal someday.


Do y’all ever do the Fake Shopping thing? What are some new products you are interested in this season? Let me know in the comments if there is anything I’m missing!


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  1. Beeju
    August 31, 2015 at 7:35 am (2 years ago)

    I am sincerely glad I can’t wear eyeshadow because of ALL THE PRETTIES coming out this year. I definitely want that new Hourglass palette and I’ve always wanted to try NARS and Bite Beauty. I’m going to Sephora in like 2 weeks so I will test all the pretties and probably walk of there significantly poorer (I need a refill on my perfume anyway which is 56$, which is insane for good smelling water). Any recommendations for a first time NARS and Bite Beauty explorer?