I am going to be honest with y’all for a second. We are in a little bit of a drought in terms of boxes. Sometimes the end of the month into the first week of the month there is a little bit of a lull but I can normally pull something together. I like having new content every day but I’m struggling right now because life is kind of hectic! I started a new job that I love but there is just a lot going on.

So just forgive us as I leave you with a few YouTube videos I’ve been watching lately. I have previously introduced you to Lisa Eldridge, who I just adore:

I mean, Lisa is just wonderful and so pleasant to listen to. But there is another gal I like named Kathleen Lights. She is more like those typical young “YouTube” stars. (Can you believe that is a thing?) But I find her relatable and fun to watch. She just has a great personality and is funny to me. I think it was through her where I discovered Colourpop makeup because she collaborated with them on a palette, shown in the video below. However, weirdly, I don’t have it. Hmmmm.

I also really weirdly like watching her videos where she talks about products she DOESN’T like. I find that really refreshing in a world where some bloggers just like everything to get more free stuff.

But then to balance it out a bit, here’s a video of her favorite products from August:

All right… thanks for bearing with us this week! Are there any other YouTube gals I need to check out? Let me know in the comments!

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